Monday, November 24, 2008

23/24 November. Christmas Card Production

We spent the evening designing our Christmas cards, then going into production! We did about half last night and the rest we'll do over the next few days. They're different from any we've done before but stylish.

During the days we've been tackling the long living willow fence. We've done about 2/3rds of it already. The trouble is, the top section has brambles growing beside and through it, so it will take a bit longer. Jim attacked some of them today but I decided to try and sort out my temporary office up above our bedroom. It's total chaos and I can't find anything! It's a therapeutic occupation and highly necessary.

When we finish the fence, I'll take some photos to post here. Could be a few days yet.

We've both got hooked into watching 'I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here'. They seem like a load of children this year, all bickering over anything and everything!

We are now down to one old computer as Jim's decided to pack up too. It never rains but it pours! So I'm having to share this one. Blogs may be shorter as a result.

Jim's also started the first step towards writing the book he's always wanted to do. Hooray!

Buster left us about 1am today and returned about 8pm. I'd love to know where he goes. If he disappears again tomorrow I'm going to go on a hunt for him to see whether I can find out. He came back very very muddy and he's always exhausted. We feel like a dog hotel.

Big news, which I haven't been able to spread until the 'scan'. My daughter in law Sam and Jason are expecting their 2nd baby, a brother or sister for Jack (now 3 and a half). Due some time between the end of May and beginning of June. SO exciting!

That's about it for now. Must get on with the Christmassy stuff!


Leatherdykeuk said...

Super :)

DK Green said...

great news!

BT said...

Thanks Rach, woman of few words!! And you K!! LOL

The Weaver of Grass said...

Congrats on the baby front. Congrats also on tidying the office! Such a chore - when I do mine (rarely) I have to keep dashing upstairs to look at it in its pristine condition before I start to take it apart again!

BT said...

Hi weaver. 'Office' would be a joy! Sadly it's just a storage facility. My new 'play room/office' is going to be built on the back of our cottage complete with patio doors and lots of storage! I can't wait.

ChrisH said...

Hello BT, good to hear from you. You could do with a Buster-cam then you could see what he'd been up to! Everytime I read your blog I feel guilty about my neglected garden... I MUST try harder! Congratulations on the news of the new baby.. and congratulations that your other half has started work on his new baby, the book... are you prepared for all the ups and downs?! Good luck!

BT said...

Hi Chrish. Thanks for popping by and your good wishes. I think I know the trauma of an author from Rachel (leatherdykeuk).

Son1 said...

Cheers for the congrats. Another 3 years of no sleep, no doubt! We are delighted.

I would get another dog, then poor Buster can just get on with his obviously busy life without his mum worrying and saying "where have you been". ;-)

BT said...

I am tempted J!! The lady who owns the kennels had 2 puppies last time we picked Buster up. She takes in stray dogs. But they barked or rather yapped all the time!

So pleased for you.