Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ready to Fly... Friday, 16th Feb, 08

Back to the Arial font. It's been yet another great day here. Colder, but some sunshine and no wind again. The spring flowers are growing daily and I'll be sorry to miss the rest of the daffodils. The magnolia stellata is absolutely covered in buds. I hope it waits until our return before it actually flowers.

Today I have done a bit more tidying on the way up to the veg plots and sprinkled grass seed just before it got dark. Hopefully it'll have grown by the time we come back.

Cleaned up in the cottage for our return. I must get up about 8am to change the bed, fill up the bird station feeders and one or two other bits before I go. Sandra and Pete are picking me up at 10am to call in at Aldi as they have some craft mats I might buy then on to Shannon Airport for the flight at 1.05pm to Gatwick, then a train down to Worthing. Phew! I shall miss the cats, but I expect they'll be ok. They can go in and out as they please through the cat flaps and Sandra and Pete will be feeding them.

Tonight I have just watched The Last King of Scotland. All about Idi Amin and his reign in Uganda. I would like to know how true to the facts it was. Approximately 300,000 Ugandans were killed during his regime. Then he died of old age in exile. Why he wasn't brought to justice I don't know. Brilliant, Oscar winning performance by Forest Whitaker as Idi Amin and James McAvoy as his personal physician. In fact all the performances were of an equally high standard. A quality film.

Must to bed now. For tomorrow I fly.

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