Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cold Days, Bad Back, Sat Feb 2nd 2008

Still so cold today, we rather huddled away indoors as much as possible and watched the rugby 6 nations! Ireland beat Italy. Hooray. Wales beat England. Boo! Rubbish game which England threw away in the 2nd half. At Twickenham as well.

I brought wood in from the barn and a wheelbarrow load from the pile by the top gate. I had bought a large canvas rug base to make a big latch hooked rug. When I brought it downstairs it's obviously one for cross stitch rugging. Not what I want to do at all. So I'll have to buy a proper base. Most annoying. I did a bit of knitting but am bored with the sausage dog door stop I was knitting. It's taken far too long as it's on small needles.

Jim went to feed the neighbours' cats and somehow twisted his back again. It was already sore from the work he did yesterday up in his study. So it's back to settee rest. I do hope it's better for next Friday when he is supposed to be driving the car across to the UK.

Large salad with smoked mackerel for dinner. I weighed 11 stone yesterday. Trying to keep off the scales until at least Monday. I do feel better for the healthier eating though.

Chatting to Lynne from Australia on Facebook. I am going to go by plane from Sydney to Lismore to meet up with her! How exciting. She has a lovely swimming pool too.

I did manage to speak to Ben today in Spain. I rang his girlfriend Hayley to speak to him! He's fine but very short of funds. Hopefully things will pick up soon, as the tourist season kicks in.

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