Friday, February 15, 2008

More Gardening, Holiday getting closer, 15 Feb 08

I can't believe this weather. Although today has been a bit cooler, it's still been lovely outside. It's been so still, which is quite unusual for Doorus, we often get quite strong winds. I finished rebuilding the wall and I'm very pleased with it. It looks more like a rockery really, and I've planted some primula, sedum and other bits and bobs in the cracks. My camera is in the UK but I'll take some photos of it on my return from Oz.

We have quite a large parking area, which is covered in small stones. There is a path off which leads to Jim's vegetable plots. Over time some of the path has become overgrown and it's much too thin making it difficult to get a wheelbarrow through. So today I widened it and leveled it as best I could. It looks so much better and the grass should grow back by the time we return. What a productive few days. Tonight my back was aching a bit so I've sat and watched a bit of tv with the cats one on my lap and one by my side. They purred all the time. I managed to do some more of the latch hook mat around the cats! Not easy I can tell you.

When I return from Australia I will take a photo of it. 3 days to go.

I must mention a couple of days ago I was sitting having breakfast in the conservatory when I thought I could see 2 dogs running around the arboretum. In fact they were foxes. They were in beautiful condition, too, both big, so I suspect they were both males, with gorgeous bushy tails and a stunning rust colour, their coats glistened in the sunshine. Wonderful.

Tomorrow I must clean up and leave the cottage cat proofed and pleasant for our return. Boring stuff but has to be done. Also gather up any bits I need to take on the flight.

KD Lang singing on the tv now. What a talent she is.

I gave up trying to light Stanley yesterday but it was very cold. Tonight I've had another go and he's going like a trojan. Must be my lucky day! It's certainly warmed up again.

Sandra and Pete, our neighbours, were out all day and when I rang tonight it was engaged. I know S's father is very ill so I hope it's not bad news. I'll try and catch her tomorrow for an update.

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