Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Plans Afoot, More Rain, Smoking Stanley 4,5th Feb 08

Yesterday morning the architect came to see our cottage and what we wanted doing to it in terms of an extension and alterations. Called Paddy, would you believe! He spent a long time with us and wasn't at all pushy. We told him what we'd like and he concurred with some minor differences, with most of our ideas. He now goes and draws up the plans and spec for a builder. Brilliant chap, just what we wanted. It's all very exciting. I can't wait.

Today it's been raining on and off, but we managed to get all but one load of wood from the top gate into the barn, between, and in, showers! I planted some viola in the wood and Jim planted some polyanthas in the Grotto bed. We had to give up finally and give in to the rain. It was good to have got outside. We also sawed up the rest of the wood we had accumulated from the work in the garden last wee, into Stanley sized pieces.

Talking of Stanley, he has decided to belch out black smoke for the past 2 days. Not sure whether it's damp wood, the wind direction of a bunged up chimney, but it's a real pain. Jim's going to give him a de-coke in the morning while I take poor Sandy to the vets to be neutered. He is now 6 months old and showing signs of sexual interest, so we think it best to get it done before we go away, or he'll be trying to mate with his mother and half sister down the road, neither of them having been neutered. Someone has to take responsibility for the cat population explosion in Doorus.

I sorted out my clothes to take to the UK. I am flying there on Thursday and Jim is taking th car over by ferry on Friday. We have a 60th birthday party on Saturday night, then Jim is staying in the UK until we leave for Australia on the 19th. I am flying back to Ireland to look after the cats then back to the UK pre Oz trip! What a lot of coming and going. I might meet myself coming back somewhere over the Irish Sea!

Jim's back is much improved again, so hopefully he'll be OK for the drive to the UK and the Australia trip. Fingers crossed.

I can't believe we are almost ready to go. It seemed like it would never come round, but now it's a reality.

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