Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Almost Time to Fly to Oz Tuesday Feb 12th 2008

Decided to try a different font! Well, one week today and we fly to Australia. Whilst in the UK, I bought a reasonably decent swimming costume and some other bits and pieces for the holiday. I am now back in Ireland after Kim's 60th Birthday, then back to the UK next Sunday, which gives me a couple of days to pack.

The party was great fun, in a village hall. Kim belongs to a band and they played quite a bit and were augmented by some other band friends. Kim's 2 daughters also sang. The food was wonderful, everyone took something and they had already made loads! I gorged myself of the amazing array of puddings. I haven't dared weigh myself since I came back!

All 3 of Jim's children were at the party, plus partners, which was great for Jim and for Kim. His wife Ann seemed to really enjoy herself, which was brilliant as she too is a depression sufferer.

Jim and Russell hatched a plot to go to watch Sam play rugby in Wakefield for the Bradford Bulls on Sunday! Russell drove and although they set off a bit late, they arrived in good time and met Julie, Jim's niece and Sam's Mum, and watched the game together. A good time was had by all although the Bradford Bulls lost!!

I in the meantime caught a train up to Gatwick and flew back to Ireland where our neighbours Sandra and Pete picked me up. The weather has been superb since I've been back, so I've managed to do some serious gardening. Today I have re-built the wall by our top gate as it had mostly fallen down. I took it down and started again and it's looking good. I should get it finished tomorrow if the weather keeps up.

The cats helped of course, jumping on and off the stones and sitting in the space I had just cleared for the next stone! Very useful. They have now been fed and are both curled up on a chair in the conservatory. Bless.

Phoned Jim and he's been busy in the house in Worthing. One estate agent came today and gave a good estimate on the house's worth. 2 more coming tomorrow.

Holby City at 8pm, then a quiet evening doing my latch hook mat. It's looking excellent and would make a good pattern for a large one. As we're going to have wooden floors throughout the cottage, I'll have to make a couple more.

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