Saturday, November 13, 2010

Trip To Worthing, Poppy and Sonny have grown


UK Trip

It was a blustery few days away! The day we set off (Monday) we had had a very stormy night but thankfully the wind had died down when we had to fly. When we arrived in the UK, we had caught it up!! We caught the train to Shoreham-by-sea and were picked up by Ali and Poppy. We went to theirs and had a few hours together. Ali was working the rest of our stay, so we were pleased to be able to have this time.

As you would expect, I took a few photos! Poppy has grown a little and has an amazing vocabulary. She also repeats everything a lot, which I remember Ben and Jack both doing.

Poppy playing with a dinosaur. Ali had a 'cube' of old photos and Poppy looks just like Ali did at the same age. Ali's hair went dark and with Poppy's dark eyebrows, I expect hers will darken too.

Playing with her Zebra.

After a while, Poppy had a sleep and when she was woken, she was a bit grumpy! Ali suggested we could go and feed the donkeys some carrots, which Poppy thought was a great idea. We wrapped up warm and off we went.

Poppy proudly carrying the carrots for the donkeys. Grandad towers over her!

Poppy feeding the donkeys. She has no fear of the animals at all.

There was a farm shop nearby and lots of chickens and geese (honkey honkey geese Poppy calls them) and some goats too, so we went and looked at them all.

Poppy liked this greyhound statue as much as the 'live' animals.

A fine, if rather muddy, cockerel. We said goodbye to all the animals and headed back to Ali's. Jim and I had a fine time with the Play Doh and Poppy. We rolled and made spaghetti and fed it to the dinosaurs! Then Joe (Daddy) came home and Ali drove us to Worthing and our house.

From one Grandchild to another, Sonny has grown and is almost walking. He just loves his Grandad and wants to be picked up all the time. He is a lovely little boy, really happy and fun.

'Grandad' with Sonny.

'My library book' says Sonny (well, in his head I'm sure).

Pick me up Grandad.

I have a large fluffy dog which Sonny gets to play with as a treat. That's him lying on it in the top photo, my best 'Sonny' shot of the trip.

Here he's blowing raspberries!

All too soon the trip was over. Poor Jim had a root canal filling at the dentists and has been in pain ever since. It took an hour and a half to do. Today he says that it seems to be improving thankfully. Teeth, they're nothing but trouble.

We had another bumpy flight back to Ireland. It's been wet and windy since - although I did manage to get into the garden and do some tidying up for a few hours - in between showers.

I have been making more Dotee Dolls and have almost completed my 2nd Rag Doll.

I hope everyone's having a good weekend.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Glad you had a good time away

Heather said...

Lovely pics Gina - those children are so beautiful. Hope Jim's tooth is behaving. I went to the dentist this week for a checkup and thankfully all is well. Glad your journeys were OK in spite of the unpredictable weather.

Anonymous said...

Poppy and Sonny have grown so much and are both adorable! Cute to see Poppy giving carrots to the donkey; she seems to just love the animals. I hope Jim's tooth settles down soon. I wish you both a very nice week Gina. Love you!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Welcome home. Isn't it amazing how the Grands seem to grow right before your eyes when you don't get to see them often. Beautiful children. What a blessing. I hope you have had a great weekend and Jim's tooth is feeling much better.

BT said...

Thanks Rachel.

Thanks Heather, glad you think the children are beautiful too! Jim's still suffering but it is getting better slowly.

Hi Mildred, good to see you. Glad you like the photos, Poppy does love animals doesn't she? The tooth and Jim battle on! Love you too.

Hello Lisa, those children grow all too fast I'm afraid. They'll be at school before we know it. They are both gorgeous, we are lucky with all our Grandchildren, then I guess everyone thinks the same about their own! Busy weekend and the tooth is still fighting back!

Jason said...

Wow, how they have grown. They look fantastic. Some lovely shots.

Feel for Jim after my 4 trips to the dentist over my root canal it is till sore and the last job before the crown was finishes weeks ago! Amazing.

Glad you had a good trip otherwise. xx

BT said...

Haven't they just Jason? Jim says it's slightly better each day so I don't think it's infected. I daren't tell him what you said about yours!

~hugs~ Mum xxx

The Weaver of Grass said...

You seem to be flinging some of that wild Irish weather over here Gina.

BT said...

Sorry Weaver, we often do that!!

Mim said...

I'm with Jason - 3 trips for a RC and I'm just getting over it.
Ah well...that's the price to pay for such gorgeous grandchildren!

BT said...

You are so right Mim. But they are all so gorgeous I put up with it!

Bella Sinclair said...

Poppy and Sonny are angels! They are so darling and so very tiny next to Jim! :D Adorable.

The house renovations are coming along very nicely. Lovely choice in colors. And speaking of colors, your garden! Autumn sure is giving you a fine display!

Hope Jim's feeling better!

PAK ART said...

I always enjoy pics of your grands - they are adorable. So happy you get to see them on regular basis. Your garden is just lovely in the fall.

Jinksy said...

Super photos!Keep clicking the shutter!