Saturday, November 20, 2010

Snug Photos at Last - Etsy Account

Last of the Autumn Colour at The Deenery


We have just about finished the snug at last. Jim has one or two little 'snags' to deal with and we have the photos and pictures to put on the wall.

I can't find most of my 'before' photos, but here are a couple of them:

Mucky fireplace and hearth and exposed central heating pipes, now all beautifully covered up by Jim.

Entering from the kitchen/diner. Old carpet gone.

The fireplace. The tv used to be in the opposite corner but is much better in its new location. We are rather pleased with the fireplace. Jim made the clock for Jason and Sam but they said it didn't work. It's been her working away ever since!

Oh yes, very relaxing!

Jim enjoying the paper in the lamplight. Under the radiator you can see where he has blocked in the pipes. I hated those!

We do need 2 new 2 seater settees but for now these will have to do. I really want ones with plain covers.

Our art deco mirror above Jim's desk. The wooden tray belonged to his Grandmother. You can see me in the mirror! The right hand door goes into Jim's office - oh, so does the left hand door! We think it must have been 2 rooms at one time but rather like the oddity of the 2 doors.

So there we have it. It's so cosy in there we've been spending far too long sitting and chatting and watching tv!


I have opened an Etsy account and listed my one item - a little stuffed toy 'Santa's Little Helper'! Here he is:

He was meant to be Santa but didn't really look like him so he's become an elf. I must say I love his little shirt and trousers!

Raggybaglady is my name. I will be listing some of my bags later today.


Sandy seems to live in my wool crate - talk about chilled out:

He looks so funny here - he's lost his ears!

Funny Potato

Jim got the giggles the other day over this potato he found:

Bottom or Boobs?

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Lovely -- but i have to ask, is it 'snug' without a carpet?

ADrian said...

That spud definitely says bum to me.

BT said...

lol, we have a large rug in the middle Rachel!!

I think so too ADrian!!

Anonymous said...

The snug is lovely Gina. I especially love the fireplace. The photo of Sandy with "no ears" is cute as can be!

Heather said...

How nice to have a snug snug to relax in after all your hard work. It'll look even cosier with Christmas decs up, etc. - lovely. I do like Santa's little helper and Sandy is obviously in a state of bliss. Love Jim's spud! If you turn it the other way it could be a heart shape, but then I'm a hopeless romantic.

Mim said...

snuggly snug for sure. and I'm going with a bum potato.

BT said...

Thank you Mildred. Sandy looks so funny doesn't he?

You are right Heather, roll on Christmas! I love decorating the fireplace.

lol Mim, a bum potato I agree!!

Bella Sinclair said...

Your mantle is beautiful! Art deco to match your lovely mirror. And adorable little elf!

Oh my. That potato! HA