Sunday, November 7, 2010

House and Garden Updates, 7.11.10

Leaf strewn path at The Deenery


We have been working on our 'snug' for a while. It's turned into a bigger job than we expected but we're trying to do it really well. The floor has been vinyl tiled and the walls are all a soft beige and the woodwork white. We ran out of white paint yesterday so I haven't been able to complete that part. It's all sanded, filled and ready though.

We decided to paint the old fireplace surround very dark brown and white. It's quite dramatic and I think it'll look great when it's finished:

Just a rough idea of how the fireplace will look.

Here's one of the white doors and surround:

It's all smart and shiny.

You may notice the shelves to the left of the boiler. They were behind the door into the snug but we've moved them to this new place as when you pushed the door back, it always hit the shelves. I like them there. So far only stuff from the snug has been dumped on them but when we've finished in there, I'll think about what to put on them. Jim's cup for winning the flower section at the Gort Show looks rather good on the top of the shelves I think.

We're off to the UK tomorrow until Thursday, this time to the Worthing end of the country to see Jim's children and Grandchildren. Ooh, lovely Poppy and Sonny. Less exciting is that we're both visiting the dentist! Jim took Buster to the kennels and he wouldn't get out of the car. Jim dragged him out and then Buster stood there shaking. Poor Buster. Then he howled of course.


I had a quick walk round today to see what was still in flower and look at the gorgeous leaves still left on some of our trees. A short while afterwards it started to rain and now it's raining and blowing a gale. It's good to be inside and warm.

Lovely colours still on the 2 acers and the Liquidamber.

A closer shot of this lovely small leaved acer. When we brought it from the UK it was about 18 inches tall. It obviously loves it in this spot.

I love how violas seed themselves in unlikely places and flower away! How pretty is this little one?

The Spring flowering primula 'Wanda' has got a bit confused with the mild Autumn weather! OK, it does look a bit tatty.

The laburnum leaves are a pretty yellow and my danglers keep their colour and sound all year.

The above mahonia blew down a few days ago so we put a stake in and tied it back up. It seems to have survived ok.

The red dogwood is showing its true colours. An old plough is in front of it.

Gorgeous pyracantha berries.

This pretty sycamore tree is a beautiful yellow up by the gate rockery.

I'm not sure how these dahlia have escaped the frost but they still keep flowering.

Fallen leaves on the lawn

The view to Lough Graney from our fence today.

The magnolia stellata is turning a lovely yellow/green and this rose still thinks it's Summer.

The 2 hedgehogs outside my porch door. The one on the left is now growing perennial alyssum! The alyssum has decided to seed everywhere this year, as has the alchemilla mollis of course:

I love it when things self seed in odd places.

From L - R. The sweetcorn bed, the arboretum with beds and the newly covered paths.

Sandy and BlackJack

Sandy loves to be really comfortable. I made the following 'joiner' of him:

In the first two he's in one of my wool boxes in my studio, in the last one in Buster's chair!

When I was in the garden today, BlackJack followed me about as usual:

He ran up to me as soon as he spotted me outside!

Well, he was on the grass in this photo, but now I can't see him!

Well I'm off to bed now as we have to be up early in the morning. I'll be back Thursday afternoon, after we've picked Buster up from the kennels.


Anonymous said...

Very nice color in the garden. You property is very pretty. I have a twin cat to your black one. The photo made me do a double take.

Shirley said...

You have such excellent colour and variety in your garden! I love the photos! You must post one in the spring of your magnolia in bloom! I have a Royal Star Magnolia which has not yet bloomed though it is about 3 years old. I think the buds freeze every spring. I have a friend who loves hedgehogs too. Have a great week!

Heather said...

Lovely pics as usual Gina - your garden still looks beautiful in spite of the weather and time of year. Poor old Buster - he's such a free agent - have a great trip to the UK.

Jason said...

The snug looks like good progress, love the shiny door. The garden is all looking lovely and autumnal.

Have a great trip to Worthing. xx

Leatherdykeuk said...

What utterly splendid pictures! I love your garden.

Mim said...

poor buster!!! well...have a good time and he'll forgive you I'm sure. Lovely photos

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love seeing the overall photos of your garden. It makes me feel like I am having a walk about your place with you. Your garden is gorgeous. I love all the stone that gives it structure. The seedlings are precious. I wish my mollis would selfseed. I am hoping at this point it will just survive. My garden could use some of your rain. Have a great time with your family.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I can see why you moved to Ireland Gina - you really do live in the most beautiful surroundings - such a lovely lot of colour still in your garden too. Have a nice few days in the UK.

marianne said...

Your garden looks pretty in the autumn as well
Lots of rain heading your way I saw yesterday in the weather report.....
Hope you stay dry ;)
Here it is cold :(

DK Leather said...

beautiful pictures as always... loving the new decorating, look forward to seeing it in person!

Have a smashing trip to Worthing :-) xxx

aims said...

I love your place! You do live in the most beautiful place!

Anonymous said...

Charming tour, thanks!

Why I garden... said...

Some great pics; your cottage looks fab and I adore dogwood in Winter. I'm in Northern Ireland (originally American). Feel free to drop by my blog some time. All the best, Kelli :)

Lisa M Griffin said...

What gorgeous photos and scenery. Loved seeing all the pops of color. Thanks for sharing.

BT said...

Oh no, I posted almost all the comments replies and our electricity went off! So now I have to do it all again. AAAH!

Thanks gardenwalkgt. I'm so glad you like our garden and how funny that you have a twin cat to ours!

Hi Shirley, thank you too. I will post several of the magnolia stellata, it is so pretty. We have a small 'Elizabeth' which hasn't flowered yet but it does seem to have flower buds on it now. I can't wait for the Spring to see whether it flowers!

BT said...

Thank you Heather. Oh yes, poor Buster, Jim's just gone to fetch him. For a while he won't go anywhere!

Thanks Jason, hopefully we'll finish the snug soon. We brought some white paint back so I can carry on with that.

BT said...

Thank you Rachel. I do try!

Hi Mim, oh yes, he'll survive! He'll be grumpy though, as are the cats! Glad you like the photos.

Hi Lisa, glad you like the 'joiner' and overall photos of the garden. I know what you mean about how they make you feel. We have plenty of rain to spare! Usually 'mollis' spreads even in very dry places. Fingers crossed for you.

BT said...

Hello Pat, the trouble is, when we moved to Ireland we had 4 fewer Grandchildren! Now we have to make even more trips to see them and the travelling is a bit wearing at times. We'll have to come back at some stage I'm sure. Glad you liked the photos.

Hi marianne, the rain is always heading our way!! Then we pass it on to the UK.... LOL. It was very windy when we landed this afternoon and a very bumpy ride! I'm glad I don't have your job.

Thanks K. Soon be finished in the snug hopefully. xxx

Aw, thanks aims. It is pretty but the weather is often rotten. Not as bad as where you are though thank goodness.

BT said...

Thanks Barbara!

Hi Kelli, good to meet you. I will drop by when I've caught up with being away for a few days. Glad you like our cottage and dogwood. I love it too. I'd like some of the yellow one.

Hi Lisa M, thanks for calling in, I'll pop over to yours when I've caught up with everything. xxx

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