Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Rag Doll, Dotee Dolls and Random Sky Photos


Rag Dolls

I have just finished my 2nd rag doll. As I used rather stretchy material, she's larger than the first one!! Weird.

Here is Jessica:

Her hat is a bit in the dark but it's the same as Hannah's with the addition of a pink bobble on the end.

Here they are both together:

You can see Jessica's head a bit more clearly in this photo. The hair is sparkly beige but seems to have come out yellow here.

Dotee Dolls

I became a bit hooked on making Dotee Dolls. (If you want to see the inventor of these little cuties, click below). Dotee Dolls are an altered art doll created by Dot of http://dotslifeandart.blogspot.com

A little Japanese Dotee.

Another Japanese Dotee, with butterflies on it.

And this is the back. I reversed the pattern and coloured the fabric to match the front, adding 'hair' too.

Here's a Christmas one with sparkly hair.

I have done some others too but can't post them just yet. Shhhhhhh!

I am in the process of making a Santa at the moment. He's very fat!

Max - Buster's Mate

Buster has a friend called Max who calls for him quite often. We always know when Max is at the door as much squealing goes on from inside and out! Yesterday they happily trotted off together but later in the day, Max reappeared on his own. He was waiting for Buster to come out - they must have lost each other somewhere.

The cats are frightened of Max but all he wants to do is play. They teased him through the cat flap.

He's looking at BlackJack through the cat flap! Black Jack and Sandy were both growling at poor Max. I managed to get one of both sides of the door:

Poor Max, eventually he went away and Buster came home later on his own and very muddy. He hasn't stayed out at all since his long disappearance thank goodness.


As the sun set, the sky was quite dramatic yesterday, so I roamed around with my camera.

Red sky and swirly clouds over the living willow fence.

A line of cloud above Maghera (the hill opposite us). In the foreground you can just see a yellow hollyhock still flowering in our garden. Click on the photo for the best view.

The moon appeared.

The thin red line over Lough Graney

Moon Lines.

Doorus Sky - probably my favourite.

BlackJack and Sandy were keeping an eye on me!

A few leaves are still left on the Liquidamber.

We had a power cut last night at about 10pm. Jim brought me a Baileys, which sent me to sleep! I went to bed at 10 and woke up at 3am! So here I am. Cup of tea time.....


Heather said...

Your dolls are lovely Gina - the new one looks very elegant with her spangly tights and I love the Japanese ones.
Our cat winds Poppy up - he's a psychological bully and she only wants to play. Glad Buster came home safely. Max is gorgeous.
Love those skies, all beautiful but some dramatic clouds there too.

Why I garden... said...

Lovely rag dolls, and I particularly like the close up photo of Jessica. She has a sweet face and I like the little sparkly bits.

Mildred said...

Hi Gina, It is fun to see Max with Black Jack and Sandy. I love to hear a cat "growl" at a dog! I love your dolls - they are very adorable. Such pretty sky pictures. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The dolls are all fantastic. Each with a different personality. Poor Max losing Buster. Buster is definitely his own man. The cats look sweet sitting there together. They probably are wondering why you choose to be outside at this time.

Jason said...

They are fab dolls!

Lovely sky also. xx

Lynn said...

Your dolls are adorable! Love them both and the smaller ones as well, clever those.
Pretty sky and fun animals shots. Double door view especially.

Bea said...

Ok, let's see, love the photo of Blackjack and Sandy. If you crop it you could use it for your Christmas cards. "Do you really think Santa remembers cats?"
Love the dolls........are those going to two little girls we know of? Honestly, have you thought about putting them in your Etsey shop? You do have an Etsey shop, right, for the handbags and dolls and the little dolls, WHICH are perfect for putting a little pocket on them and calling them the tooth fairy dolls. They would go so nicely tucked under a pillow with a first or second lost tooth in them. Oh well, you know me, always with the ideas.......better I should get out to the studio, you think? :)bea

BT said...

Thank you Heather. Cats are definitely worse than dogs! They're a real tease. Sky photos never seem to come out as well as you hope I always find.

Hi Why I! Glad you like the rag dolls, they're Christmas presents as you can imagine.

Hello Mildred, crazy animals all of them!! I'm glad you like the dolls and my sky photos.

Thank you Lisa. I think Buster must get bored sometimes and head off on his own! I'm sure you're right about the cats!

Thanks Jason.

Thank you Lynn, I'm glad you enjoyed my post. I'm making a Santa now!

I've emailed you Bea. xx

Sam said...

Loving those dolls, you could so sell them! The photo of the two cats watching you rthrough the door is great.

Mim said...

love the dolls and Max looks a sweetie!

BT said...

Thank you Sam. They take quite a wnile to make though (the big ones).

Thank you Mim, glad you like the photos. Max is lovely!

Marie Antionette said...

What a wonderful blog you have.I love your dolls and the dotee's. So precious. Max is a doll.Beautiful animal.so are all the kitties.I know you have your hands full. Thank you for your comments and I do wish you luck in the drawing.I'm also glad Imet a new blogging friend.You take care and May God Bless,
XXOO Marie Antionette

Leatherdykeuk said...

The dolls are super and I want to adopt Max ;) What fantastic shots.

AinoS said...

Vau! I like your dotee dolls, they are so beautifull. I made today my first dote´e dolls.