Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday 8th Sept, ATCs, Postcard, Mixed Post.

Rain yesterday, rain today. Just for a change. But we are promised sunshine from tomorrow. We shall see.

Jim's been busy tiling the new bathroom. He's finished the floor and is now doing the walls. It's looking good. He wouldn't let me post a picture until it's finished!

Coffee Morning

This morning I was invited up to Ann Broderick's for coffee. When I arrived, Margaret and Mary were there too, the ladies I had met last time. There was home made brown bread with butter and smoked salmon, Ann's wonderful scones and an apple pie to eat! I was there for 2 hours and we never stopped talking. I had such a lovely time there. I am in the UK next Tuesday but am booked in for the Tuesday after. This time it will be at Margaret's in Feakle and she is inviting more of her friends. That should be fun.

Artist Trading Cards and Other Presents

In May I sent my sister an ATC as part of her birthday goodies. I told her she had to do one for me, so mine came for my birthday:

She's a real cross stitch queen! I love it.

She also made me this card:

Isn't it lovely?

I have just made my latest ATC for the ABC Group I am part of. I can hardly believe we are up to the letter R.

My R is for Razzle Dazzler Roz with Roberta her Poodle. She is for Teri, the founder of our group.

Blogger Bea has been involved with a postcard swap and, although I am not a part of it, she sent me this wonderful stitched postcard. It came through the post just as it is, not in an envelope:

It arrived in perfect condition. Isn't that amazing? The message from Bea read:

'Hiking with the Zetti's on the trails by Lake George'

My daughter in law Rachel not only sent me a Rachel drawn and painted card but also a painting. Here is the card:

Isn't that lovely?

And here is the painting:

It is of The Deenery Steps. BlackJack is sitting at the front of the flower bed on the left, which he often does. There are our 2 Ginkgo Biloba in pots on the steps too. It is just wonderful and we will soon get it framed and it will have pride of place on the 'Snug' wall. An original Rachel Green painting. Fabulous.

I thought I'd finish with a photo of Buster fast asleep in his bed tonight, head on the pillow.


Raph G. Neckmann said...

Love your poem from yesterday - I'm just catching up! What a wonderful collection of artist's trading cards too.

I feel like your pic of Buster today after all our partying - ready to put my head on the pillow and contentedly sleep!

Anonymous said...

What a fun post tonight. I love all the art. The painting by Rachel will be such a treasure for your home! I used to love to cross stitch and was thrilled to see what your sister sent you also. You had told me Buster did not like it because you washed his bed. He must have gotten it where he likes it again - he looks very comfortable!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Great post. Love the little girl on the ATC and all of the art. Sounds like you will be using that bathroom soon. Yeaaa.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Ps.. love the needle point butter fly one too. So much talent here.

Bea said...

OOOOOooh, you got some nice goodies in the mail. I love Rachel's paintings and the cross stitch by your sister is so nice and sweet. Got to love those Zetties, always on the move.
Buster, Buster, you need somebody to take naps with. I bet you do "backs" really nicely, don't you? :)Bea

Carol said...

I love the paintings!! You daughter in law is a very talented lady!!

C x

KathyB. said...

Your Rachel is a talented and true artist. Her paintings are very much worth framing and hanging in a prominent place in your home...or mine if you want to sends them along to America!

Your coffee morning sounds idyllic, and coffee and good company are one of life's true treasures.

Looks like your sister had Mildred in mind when she cross stitched the lovely butterfly!

Jason said...

Sounds agreat coffee morning gang forming.

I have a load of tiling to do, not something I looking forward to...

Rachel's picture and card are mots impressive.

See you at the weekend. xx

Jason said...

or most.. :-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What wonderful goodies you got for your birtday. I love the hand made cards and painting. The ATCs are great too. Your sister has some artistic talent too. It must run in the family. I bet Buster is happy to be back home.

Heather said...

Love the goodies BT, especially Rachel's card and painting - she is very talented. Looking forward to seeing the tiling when it is done. Buster looks so peaceful and relaxed in his bed.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Those ATCs are lovely Gina - I particularly like the one with the cat looking out of the window. Also love that picture of Buster asleep - he looks such an angel!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Very glad you liked the painting and card, Gina.

Stampmaiden said...

BT, the cross-stitched ATC your sister made is beautiful and so is the card she made for you.
Love the glittery ATC you made for Teri!
The cards Rachel painted are gorgeous!
Buster, may I join you? LOL!!

Stampmaiden said...

OO, I fogot to mention the postcard from Bea - it's fantastic and how wonderful that it arrived just like that!

studio lolo said...

hello there miss Gina!

I just wanted you to know my Mondrian card came and I adore it. Great job! Thank you ;)

You've posted wonderful art here and Buster looks adorable in his bed. Life is good on the farm I see.

I'll try to send some sunshine!