Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Caister Holiday! 16th Sept onwards

16th September, A Day out at Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth is a seaside town I've visited many times, but I still love it. It's a proper English seaside with rock, a pier, lots of sand and silly amusements. It was sunny but very windy. I liked the dome on this building:

These circles at the entrance to the Market Hall were full of seaside things!

Jason had a go on the darts - but blew it with his last one! It's ages since I've seen him throw a dart, we used to play all the time.
I love these silly things!! Jack and Connor, Maureen and Rene, Jack and Sam!!

And another one!! L-R, Brandon, Gracie, Jason and Jason with his hands in the air!! His head fitted the hole better than the others!

We had fish and chips in a restaurant on the pier where they did children's meals free. What a bargain!

I liked the clock tower and contrasting red and gold lettering.

And here's the lovely Kitty, now 3 months old.

Jack paddled a canoe

Spun round in a teacup (that matched his t shirt)!
And drove a little police bike (the others did too).

While Ivor, Maureen and Rene nipped into the cafe for a crafty cup of tea! Jason and Kitty are outside the window.

Paul, Brandon, Gracie and Jack played on the beach. You can see Jack's orange t-shirt. The tide was a long way out! We sent Connor to fetch them for an ice cream.

I love this photo of Jason walking back with Connor. Sandy footprints.

I took this shot with the telephoto lens from quite a distance. Jason, ever the Daddy, sheltering Kitty from the wind on the beach. It's so lovely.

These huge lollies were in a machine. You had to try and pick them up with a mechanical grabber! The normal sized ones are on the floor either side. We failed!

But I liked the lolly display!

The main street down to the pier. It was really busy and we kept losing each other in the many weird and wonderful shops! Jack's orange t shirt's on the left!

This was inside the shop where they made and sold rock. This rock was in one long piece!

Colourful Great Yarmouth rock. I bought a stick for Jim.

This very strange chap was busking, though all he seemed to do was shake the toy up and down and make the odd noise! I gather he's often there.
I took this photo of a rather moody sky from the holiday site.

This was taken without using flash of the lights in the Neptune Lounge. I thought it came out rather well.
Thursday, 17th September

In the morning, Paul took his 3 to the beach and I took Jack, while Maureen looked after Kitty, thus leaving Sam to catch up on some well earned sleep. We had a great time, building sandcastles, making faces with pebbles and Jack made a cherry pie with some red sand. I made a Caterpillar with bottle tops I found on the beach!
The beach wasn't exactly busy!
Jack and Gracie with their pots of treasure.
Jack on some steps by the swimming pool. He looks like he's in jail!

In the afternoon, the 2 older boys and Jason played archery and I watched. It was great fun as the tutor had them playing competitions against each other.

A shoot out between Jason and Brandon.

We went swimming in the afternoon but I didn't take my camera in the pool area. Jack loves the water and seems to have no fear. Kitty bobbed about in a special baby ring.

Friday, September 18th

We had to be out of our caravans by 10am so it was an early start. We all went over to the Mash and Barrel and had breakfast and Rory the Tiger paid us a visit. I soon realised it was the same chap inside the Rory costume who had interviewed me on stage!! It was Paul's birthday so Rory gave him special attention:
A montage of Rory shots! L - R, Rory's back view! Gracie and Rory, Jack, Gracie and Rory. Jack wanted one last cuddle.

Then we hit the road and it was all over. It seemed to go in a flash. I stayed overnight at Jason's and most of the Saturday. My plane didn't leave until 6.40pm, so I enjoyed a fabulous day with Jay, Sam, Jack and Kitty at Ickworth Park.


Today the plumber carried on his work and hasn't too much left to do. Joe the builder made 2 steps down from both sets of double doors and generally finished off any cementing he had to do. We're in a bit of a muddle indoors because of the plumber but hopefully that won't last too long.

Off to bed now...


Mildred said...

Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures of your trip. Lovely scenery and I am surprised to see how much Kitty has grown. She is beautiful! Seeing Jack in the teacup brings back memories from my childhood. Sounds like you are getting closer day by day with completing the addition.

steven said...

hello bt - i missed out on this entire piece as a child leaving england when i was eight. we went to blackpool once but i don;t remember doing any of these things even though i am sure it was there!!! thanks for sharing these specially family moments. steven

Bea said...

You know you have really outdone yourself with those close up "art"
shots. I have always loved your closeups of flowers but you have a real gift for seeing beautiful groupings of COLOR. I swear these should be blown up to 8x14 or something like that and framed.
Oh, and the family pictures are priceless. Kitty and Riley look a lot a like and they are the same age. hmmmmmm must compare photos.
Jack, I bet he had a ball, he sure looked like he was. :)Bea

Jason said...

Wow, what a great bwrite up as usual. Some superb pics. I just the one of me and Kitty. A canvas maybe?

The quaility with the SLR is so different. Great stuff.


Carol said...

Stunning pictures of the family!! It looks like you all had a brilliant time :-)

C x

Sam said...

Great blog, i just love that photo of Jay and Kitty X

Heather said...

Lovely seaside holiday pics BT. It's great to know that Great Yarmouth hasn't allowed itself to become hip and trendy, and still holds onto those traditional seaside pastimes and delights.

aims said...

Looks like a wonderful trip Gina. Such happy times!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I just love these photos of a happy family enjoying itself. And the photo of the rock is fantastic.

Frivolitea said...

hello! we just bagan an ATC swap. come on over for info!

BT said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments. I've replied to each one individually.

Frivolitea, thank you for letting me know about the ATC swap. I'm in!

starblinkee, thank you so much. I, too, love that one of Jason and Kitty.

Holli said...

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