Thursday, September 3, 2009

Garden and Building Work 2nd September 2009


Joe finished plastering our last bedroom wall today, at last our bedroom window is in so the place is a bit warmer. Then Jim started tiling the new bathroom floor! Wow. When he's done that, the plumber can return and put the bathroom suite in.

The tiles are a slate grey/blue.

This is our bedroom window. You can see how wet it is outside! The builders can't really do much more until the plumbing and the electrics have been finished off. So Martin told Jim today they would probably get on with demolishing the barn! What a view we're going to have when that's down.

The Weather

We usually check the weather on the Internet. Met Eirann has a rain radar map which gives pretty colours for how heavy the rain is. Jim took a photo of it today.

As you can see, the blue is the lightest, up to the purple, the heaviest. We're under some of the red stuff!!

This one taken at 11.45am

This one at 12.15. It doesn't get much better, does it?

Basically it's rained all the time for weeks. Or it maybe just seems like it.


Buster gets very bored as he doesn't really like the rain! What a dog. So he goes to bed and sulks. Jim took him out for a walk at tea time. The rain had stopped briefly but it looked threatening. He asked if I could go and take some photos of the Rose-bay-willow-herb in our field. I said I thought it was dead, but I went and looked and did take a few garden photos in spite of the fact that it poured down after about 5 minutes!


Ok, the flower spike had fallen over and there's only one actual flower on it but what do you want?? lol. I quite liked the photo anyway with the raindrops on the seed pods.

At least this one was upright! Jim didn't think they'd do! Fuss pot.
I thought this Aquila flower looked different among the columbine leaves.

A white cosmos to the fore and pink ones behind.

The red and white dahlias in the arboretum bed plus a lupin behind the black sambucus, Queen of the Night. They're all still going strong.

I told Jim he'd have to blog about hard heads as we have plenty of those in flower. The meadow has a tinge of pinky purple.

One of the two half decent roses out.

This is the other.

This pretty pink potentilla hasn't long been in flower.

Jim rescued two of these miniature dahlias from B and Q and they've done really well.

There are 2 marigolds left in flower. The Crimson Flags, however, are just coming into full flower (previously called Kaffir Lily).

There will soon be dozens of these flowers out.

As I walked past this Aquila flower, I noticed how wonderful the back looked. I tried it in black and white too:


I walked to the top of the meadow and looked towards the hill, Maghera. Well, what I could see of it:

I promise you it's there behind the mist and cloud.

I then turned the opposite way towards Lough Graney. It was a little bit clearer:

At least you can see the water. Talking of water, here's our little stream in full flow:

It's running so fast it's making bubbles.

Finally, our lovely back yard:

Full of lovely digger track marks, muddy puddles and a heap of stones! I'm sure we'll get it back one day.

I hope you are having a dryer time than we are!


willow said...

That's why everything is so lush and green over there. And you have great skin, too, I'm sure!

DK Leather said...

Gosh, how very soggy everything is!! Glad the building work is coming along apace at last, I'd be wanting to watch them pull the barn down, how exciting!

Bea said...

Ok, you win! Now, turn around and let me see if moss is growing on your north side.
Those roses are gorgeous.
Poor Buster. He's so funny.
How exciting to get the window in and the tile down. YAYAYAYAYAY

Penny said...

wow wet and more wet, I am beginning to wonder if it will still be raining when we get to the UK and Europe, every one seems to be having rain. Just hope we have a bit of sun.
Love the flowers and yes, no wonder you live in such a lush green land.

Jason said...

Ohh the floor tiles look nice, and the window from the inside. Exciting stuff.

Soggy on the outside. :-/


Carol said...

I am so impressed at Jim tiling!! I dread to think what our floor would look like if Chris was let loose on it!!!

Your house is going to be stunning once all the work is done...hang in there!!

C x

Heather said...

Slightly drier BT. Glad you are getting your windows in now that the days are cooler. It will be so great when it's all done. Lovely photos as usual, even the 'gone-over' rose-bay-willow-herb. It's a beautiful plant but always makes me a bit sad when I see it, as it denotes the passing of summer to me. This year, for us all, it's a question of 'What summer'!

Leatherdykeuk said...

How marvelous to have the end of the building work in sight.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes, it is dry here. We could use some of your rain. I had to get out and water yesterday. The hydrangeas were wilting and some of the hostas were beginning to lie down. I know you are anxious to get your house put in order. It is fun watching the progress.

BT said...

Thank you for your comments everyone. I'll email you all individually.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I have to say Gina that the Irish countryside is very beautiful rain or not. And no, since you ask, it isn't any drier here either.
Here's to a sunny weekend (fingers and everything else crossed.) Love

Stampmaiden said...

My favorite pic had to be the stream! Loved it. I could hear it making bubbles too.