Friday, April 29, 2011

Mostly Garden...

One of my favourite parts of The Deenery garden.

William and Kate's Wedding Day

Did you watch the wedding? I did and thoroughly enjoyed it too. It was fun seeing all the guests arrive and the fashions. Then William and Harry looking splendid in their uniforms. Finally, the moment we were all waiting for - Kate and the dress! She looked wonderful with that waist nipping flattering choice. The pretty lace top showed just enough and her hair was beautifully natural. A lovely ceremony. I have a feeling this royal marriage will be a total success.

Around The Deenery

Our washing machine finally gave up the ghost, so we had to buy a new one. I love new white goods! Then our fridge/freezer (which was here when we bought the house) started leaking water over the floor, so that provoked a rethink of our kitchen design. As it happens, we had a larder fridge up in our barn, which Jim manfully cleaned until it sparkled like new. We thought we'd try it out in our utility room, which is just off the kitchen, and see whether it's too much of a pain going in and out of there. It fits a treat next to the new washer and it's no trouble to use, so there it will stay.

We took the old washing machine and an old big television to the tip on Thursday, just the old fridge/freezer to go next - then we'll have more space in the little lobby off the kitchen/diner. Jim has plans for that area.....

New Knitting Group

Jim spotted details of a group of ladies who meet up each Thursday morning in Scarriff (not that far from us and where the tip is), to knit and sometimes do other crafts. We went along 2 weeks ago. It's a lovely flexible group of women who simply knit and chat and learn new things. I loved it and bought some ridiculously expensive wool and a pattern to make with a cable running down one side. I've never done cable stitch before so I've now learned a new skill already.

The 2 'leaders' of the group also do other courses and in 2 weeks are starting a course on mixing felting and fabrics, which I have signed up to join. It's for 6 weeks and should be great fun. The weather's been so gorgeous that we've sat outside for the 2 weeks I have attended so far.

The Garden

Again, because of the weather, we have spent a lot of time in The Deenery garden. The biggest project has been the back 'yard' area, left in a complete stony mess after the builders had finished the extension. We have kept putting it off because it seemed such a daunting task.

Easter seemed a good time to attack this job and after 4 days of hard shovelling, mattocking and stone shifting, a new lawn has been made and seeded. Here are some photos - no grass yet of course!

A 'before' photo! The rockery (also part of the project), was half built here but we hadn't done any levelling or brought any of the many many barrows full of our home made compost down from the allotment area. Jim did the barrowing and dumping of the compost and I sorted it and spread it out.

Jim had just moved a large stone for the rockery. Can you see Sandy on it? Since BlackJack's death, Sandy spends a lot more time with us. He's more like a dog and if we're working outside, he's usually not far away!

Me working on the lawn - about half way.

The grass in the foreground leads to the arboretum. The rockery needs some plants now!

The view across the extension.

There's me at the end of the house to show some perspective. We also have a new bird feeder - that pole on the right!

Here is the view from the other end of the extension, from behind the wall we built last year! Jim's also finished the steps from the 'patio' to the gap in the wall. I am now on the bench at the other end. We had a large sherry to celebrate! Now we have a large pile of stones to shift then we can finish the corner where the stones are. We may gravel that area as the ground there is very solid and my washing line is also there. I can't wait for the grass to grow!

Other Garden Stuff!

We have moved the arch from the centre of the arboretum to the side. It's much better there and already has a clematis growing up one side of it.

The cherry tree on the right has been absolutely weighed down with blossom.

Jim's Photo Session

Lots of photos as Jim had a walk around the garden a few days ago.

Dazzling scarlet tulips and pretty narcissus

The Fairy Hill on the right and path down to the arboretum

Beautiful lilac - and it smells wonderful too.

Rose bed, rhododendron bed and cherry tree bed

The rhodo flowers are enormous. They start pink then gradually turn yellow.

The cherry blossom

Gorgeous new maple leaf

A lovely pot of bulbs. The white and green tulips are particularly special

I love my black tulips

Tulips galore and yellow alyssum

A bee on the white cornflower

I think that's enough for one day. I do hope you've enjoyed this garden catch up.

On Wednesday Jim and I are off to the UK until the following Tuesday. My granddaughter Kirsty is getting married to her partner Kerry on Saturday May 7th so it's a big occasion for all the family. Oh what a lot of photos there will be!!

Just a final note. I am thinking of all my blogging friends in the South of the USA. Such awful suffering from the 'twisters'.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Yes I saw the wedding. I had to get up at two am to see most of it. It was wonderful. She was gorgeous. I hope they do make it. She has so much poise and handles things so well... Lots of pretties here. I will have to come back and read it all well.. just saw that bit about the Royal wedding and had to come comment.

Ces said...

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness. What a glorious sight this is. Your header rocks! Your garden is looking fabulous. What a beautiful garden you have. Busy busy busy you are! Take care.

marianne said...

Wow your garden is beautiful. So much work.......
And I saw the summery yesterday, beautiful but the kiss was a bit disappointing........ ;)

Have a nice sunny day. Don't work too hard you!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Beautiful garden, dear lady!

BT said...

Hi Cris, thanks for popping in, glad you enjoyed the wedding too and hope you manage to pop back.

Hello lovely Ces! I'm so pleased you enjoyed my garden post. Busy busy indeed!

Hello Marianne. Thank you so much. Yes, the kiss was a bit short wasn't it but then they are both rather shy! It's sunny again. Hurrah!

Aw thank you Rachel. It's coming along.

Jinksy said...

You flowers are as lovely as ever - your hard work certainly pays off...

Heather said...

The Royal Wedding was a fantastic occasion wasn't it? Just perfect. Your knitting group sounds lovely. The garden pics are absolutely beautiful - how hard you both work - it's all looking wonderful and I can almost smell the lilac. Hope the weather is fine for your family wedding - have a lovely trip.

Bea said...

Oh, your garden is so gorgeous. What a lot of HARD work you two have done over the course of time and hopefully you get some time and energy to enjoy it. We are still waiting for spring. It's so nice to see all your spring flowers in full bloom. :)Bea

Lona said...

Wow it looks like you two have been doing a lot of work. It shows to because you have such a beautiful garden.

Lynn said...

WEll my turn to catch up with you and your blog. I dont' know why I've not been getting the usual alerts about it.
The photos of flowers are simply exquisite in the banner and post today. Your garden is extremely awesome. Congrats on the new kitchen & laundry appliances. It's fun to get new.
I did not spend much time over the wedding but agree with you that the dress was beautiful as was the bride and William looked very dashing in his uniform. Harry is cute.
Mazol Tov about YOUR wedding and can't wait to see the photos of that. Have fun.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hi BT, I was up at 4a.m. to see the wedding. It was beautiful. The pagentry was fun to watch. Of course the couple was beautiful. I hope their entire life will be so.
Your new yard is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the grass there. It will look so inviting. I can't believe all the rocks you have to work with. They make the garden special.

Bella Sinclair said...

Whoaaaa! Your garden is transformed, and it is spectacular! You and Jim put a ton of hard work into it, and it is absolutely beautiful. That lawn will be splendid for doing cartwheels when it grows in. I LOVE your rock gardens and rock walls. And oh my goodness, tulips, tulips, tulips! Gorgeous. Congratulations to your granddaughter and her partner! Wooohoooo! I hope you have a great trip!

Liz said...

Wow! At first I thought the pictures of the garden were a garden one visits on vacation and then I realized it's your creation. My, my you certainly have a green thumb. BEAUTIFUL!

The Weaver of Grass said...

One of the nice things about taking on a property where so much needs doing Gina is that when each job is done it looks so good and you get such satisfation from it. Your garden is a credit to you both.

I enjoyed the Royal Wedding too and thought everyone looked splendid.

soulbrush said...

what true and breathtaking beauty! love these pics and am so envious right now. we also watched the royal wedding and it was lovely, reminded me of Diana, who i still miss!

BT said...

Thank you so much Jinksy/

Heather, I'm so glad you like the garden photos. It's full of bluebells now. So much work to do though. Our wedding was wonderful thank you.

Thank yu so much Bea. There's always so much to do/ I hope your weather has turned the corner.

Lona, welcome and thank you.

What a lovely comment Lynn. Our wedding was just great and I have lots of lovely photos but a broken computer ! I'm on Jim's netbook at the moment.

Hi Lisa, we have enough rocks to build a mountain!! I can't believe the prices they charge for a small lump of rock in the garden centres! The wedding was wonderful but I've been poorly since!

Thank you lovely Bella! We love our garden too. The wedding was amazing - post when my coputer is up and running.

What a compliment Liz. Thank you so much/ It's funny because mot Irish people don't 'do' gardening.

Weaver, you are so right, we both love our achievements too. The wedding was just lovely - not so my computer which has crashed. New post when it's mended.

Hello soulbrush, how are you? I'm so glad you enjoyed our garden photos. The wedding of my granddaughter was just lovely. We're both recovering!!

Jennifer & Mia said...

I didn't know, you had such a beautiful garden! With Aboretum and all! Beautiful!!! :)

BT said...

Thank you Jenny and Mia. We work on it all the time, which is why my hands/nails are such a mess!!