Monday, May 30, 2011

Another Wedding? Kirsty and Kerry, May 7th 2011

The Wedding

It was the wedding of my Granddaughter Kirsty to her partner Kerry on May 7th - a truly wonderful day for us all. Here is Kirsty looking stunning in her amazing dress, with my daughter K walking her to Kerry.

And here's me, Jim and Jack and Kitty, big son Jason's 2.

The Bridesmaids. 3 of Kirsty's friends plus Lina, Kirsty's young sister, looking far older than her 13 years! She's the one looking directly at the camera.

This is my favourite photo of Kirsty and Kerry. Kirsty is just so photogenic. Yes, Kerry is a woman in case you're wondering.

Kirsty showing her 'something blue'. Proper 'Sex and The City' shoes. Aren't they fabulous?

The 'Best Person' on the far left was Luisa. I'm sure many of you remember that she almost died last year after an operation that went wrong. Wow - look at her now! Then lots of ushers, including my son Ben, who came over from Spain for the occasion. Ben's third in from the right and next to him is my Grandson Tony (Kirsty's brother).

A kiss for Gran from Kitty. She's just adorable.

It was lovely to see Ben again and get lots of hugs from him!

More hugs from Big son Jason and his lovely family, Sam, Kitty and Jack.

Of course we all took hundreds of photos! If anyone wants to see them all they're on Facebook and here is the link to the album:

I warn you, there are about 140! It was a fabulous day in all respects and Kirsty and Kerry loved every moment.

Jim and I had stayed for a couple of days in our Worthing house with Jim's daughter Jenny, husband Matt and gorgeous son Sonny. We hired a car and drove up to the wedding then drove back down again after a night in the hotel where the wedding was held, then breakfast with those who stayed.

We took a leisurely drive to Worthing on the Sunday 8th, visiting the house and gardens of Audley End en route. We have been there before but only viewed the gardens, but this time we toured the house too. It's a lovely place with sweeping gardens designed by Capability Brown.

We spent ages photographing a coot and its babies on the river! They must have been only a few hours old as you could still see eggs in the nest when Mum got up and turned round.

They were so cute!

Back at Worthing, Jim went to the park with Jenny and Sonny. He loved the swings.

On the Monday we visited Ali, Joe and Poppy. It was a very full visit!

Jim pushing Ali and Poppy on one of the park rides. Since then, Ali and Poppy have been over to Ireland to visit us - more of that on the next post.

As Monday wore on, I didn't feel at all well and in fact I had a bad stomach for a week! It seems several people at the wedding were also poorly so maybe we all picked up a bug. Here I am at home again on the Tuesday, sleeping on the couch with Buster!!

We have been working hard in the garden and have lots of photos - for another day I think.


Leatherdykeuk said...


Love the blog header photo

The Weaver of Grass said...

What a lovely, happy occasion. Super photos Gina.

We were at Audley end a fortnight ago - wouldn't it have been strange if we had met - I wonder if we would have recognised each other?

Palma said...

Lovely photos, Gina and ain't you a 'looker' ;)

That kip on the couch look well deserved ☺☺☺

Heather said...

Lovely family photos Gina - it is always good to have a happy occassion when all the family can meet up and enjoy themselves. Audley End looks wonderful. Hope you got rid of your stomach bug quickly - glad to see Buster was doing his bit as nursemaid!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to catch up with you, Gina. Such wonderful and happy pictures of family you have shared. You look beautiful dressed for the wedding. I can't believe how all the grandchildren are growing. And Buster, is sweet as always!
A bit of good news since you've been gone. John's throat tumor is benign and for now they will scan it every 6 mos to make sure it does not enlarge.

Your header photo is so pretty - very beautiful place you live. I keep you always in my thoughts.

BT said...

Thank you Rachel, I took that at about 6am today!! Hadn't been to bed.

Thank you Pat. Oh wow, I'm sure I would recognise you and you'd spot my hair - it's rather distinctive!! What a shame we didn't time it better! Isn't that hedge wonderful?

Aw, thanks Palma - compliments mean a lot when you reach my grand old age!!

Hi Heather, lovely to 'see' you. It was super at the wedding, all 3 of my children there and lots of Grandchildren too, plus my niece and her partner and lots of others. Can't beat it. My stomach bug lasted a week - it was a real pain. Buster loves being on a chair or settee with us. Not really allowed but I was too poorly to care!

Aw, lovely Mildred, so glad you visited. The header photo I took at about 6am today! There was a fabulous rainbow, then one at the side of it, fainter. The wedding was a wonderful occasion. I dressed summery as April had been a wonderful month but then it rained on the day - not for long thankfully.

Great news about John's tumour. Let's hope it doesn't grow. I am thrilled for you both. I often think of you all too. How's life in the new home?

Jason said...

Some great pics as ever. I like the new header. x

BT said...

Thanks Jason. Took it this morning about 6am!

Lynn said...

Mazol Tov/Congrats on the lovely couple tying the knot! Happy for them and may they have a long and happy marriage!

Lovely photos of all!

BT said...

Thank you Lynn. Glad you like the photos.

DK Leather said...

fabulous post, lovely memories. Glad you had a good time too :-) xxx

Mim said...

I'm catching up on your gorgeous posts - wow do you guys ever have a busy life! The wedding pictures are gorgeous - she is a beautiful bride (LOVE those shoes) and your family (and you) look wonderfully happy. Isn't it lovely to be with family on happy occasions?

and your previous post with the garden pictures - wow - you both work so hard but the outcome is awesome.

my favorite pic is the one of you and Buster on the sofa. lovely and comfy looking

PAK ART said...

Spending time with family is the BEST! I love your new header, it's beautiful. Looked back at a few older posts and your garden, especially the rocky areas, are just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family and you look absolutely gorgeous dressed for the wedding. I really enjoyed the pictures, Gina.

So happy to see Luisa doing so well.