Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chichester Photos, Catch Up

Gosh - almost a month since my last post - that's terrible. The trouble is, once the weather improves and the days get longer, I spend so much time in the garden, there isn't much left for blogging.

I spent 2 weeks in Worthing, travelling to Chichester and back each day on jury duty. It was a very interesting if rather harrowing time. The case to which I was assigned was domestic violence - and pretty nasty. Still, it was good to see how the British justice system worked and how different it all is from the tv court cases. The jury were a lovely bunch of people from all walks of life and mixed ages.

The weather the first week was amazing. Really warm and I had to buy some new clothes as I was too hot in my jeans! I took advantage of the late afternoon sun to take some photos around Chichester, which is a lovely old Sussex town. Here are a few examples:

An unusual view of Chichester Cathedral.

Behind the cathedral is a lovely garden, called 'The Bishop's Garden'. I spent quite some time walking around it:

A tower in the corner of the garden.

The cathedral from the Bishop's Garden. The sun has turned the bricks a wonderful colour.

The bell tower is close to the cathedral.

Also in the town is the Market Cross - a splendid piece of architecture with lots of carvings around it:

The Market Cross. Below are some of the carving around the cross:

There were plenty of super shops in the town. This pretty window caught my eye:

I stayed at our Worthing house, where Jim's daughter Jenny, husband Matt and son Sonny are staying. Poor Sonny had an awful cold that went to a chest infection and felt very sorry for himself:

He slept a lot on the settee. The day I left he was showing signs of improvement thank goodness.

I also saw Poppy, Ali and Jo and we went and fed the donkeys, which Poppy loves to do:

Poppy has grown quite a lot and is a real charmer:

Ali and Poppy. We indulged in rather a splendid cream tea!

In stark contrast to our 5 acres in Ireland, this is our tiny little garden in Worthing! It goes as far as the large pink flowering tree. There is also a paved area at the side of the house and a small front garden. I spent the time I was there rediscovering the front garden, which had disappeared under a sea of weeds! I took this through the upstairs window so there is some reflected light, but you can see the results of my labours:

Jim and I have been very busy in our garden here in Ireland, but I'll leave that for another post. I'll try and make it soon!


DK Leather said...

yay a momma post! Thought we'd lost you :-) LOVE the Tulips again in the header. Super pics. Was lovely to see the Worthing house again!

BT said...

No, I'm still here. It's hard to juggle the garden/housework/crafty stuff with blogging! I'll try and do better.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Lovely tulips. I was only saying last week how you've turned me 'on' to tulips again.

Love Chichester. Never been but I should!

Heather said...

I wondered where you'd been Gina! Love the look of Chichester - great pics, and I love the new header pics too. Just as well your Worthing garden is so small or you'd be torn between the two. It's great to have good gardening weather but don't work too hard.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely to hear your voice again in blogland Gina - have really missed you.

BT said...

Glad I've converted you to tulips Rachel. I even put a magnolia bud (or tulip tree) for you!!

Hiya Heather, good to see you. Sorry, I've been just hopeless haven't I? I'm glad you liked the Chichester photos, I really liked it there. You're right about the Worthing garden. Jim and I had a bath tonight to ease our aching bones!!

Weaver, that is very sweet of you. xx

PAK ART said...

What a beautiful post. I just love the old buildings and architecture. I would love to visit sometime!

BT said...

Thank you Patty, glad you enjoyed it. xx

Bella Sinclair said...

Helloooooo, Gina! Wow, you have been all over the place lately! So many fantastic sights, and the little ones are growing up so fast and beautifully. I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful time on your trips. Happy belated birthday to Jim! And ohhh, so sorry to hear about your sweet kitty.

Thank you for trying to donate, my friend. Thank you for the encouragement and support.

Can't wait to see how your garden's coming along. You've been doing a lot of work!

Mim said...

Good to see you and I've been bad about catching up also - lot's to do these days. Lovely pics and yes...those kiddies are just gorgeous. enjoy the garden and hope you're having fine weather

BT said...

Bella, how lovely to see you. I'm just about to do an 'update garden' blog. So you can see all our hard work!

Mim, I'm glad that I'm not the only hopeless blogger!! Thanks for popping by. Our weather has been amazing for Ireland! Lots of sun, not enough rain (and it's not often we can say that).