Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We Have Walls..

It's true, we have walls, well, some walls. It's amazing how quickly they are going up. We have a special chap to lay the blocks, 'Blockman' as we don't know his name. It's very exciting seeing the rooms take shape. This was yesterday:

The blocks are all in piles. Martin the builder in yellow jacket, 'Blockman' in my room!

Walls all along now. Gaps for windows. My studio will have patio doors

It's been lovely and mild the past few days so I have spent most of my time on the land. I have still been clearing the bank at the side of the vegetable plot. Almost finished now and I've also been clearing the other side, which of course you can't see. The little stream runs down the other side, but only when it's been wet. I'll take some photos that side when I've cleared away the piles of rubbish I've cut down.

Jim finished the living willow fence and the woven fence. They both look utterly splendid:

He has the other side to do now.

The woven fence, now with a pole at one end

close up

Artistic Shot

Me and the cleared bank in front of me. The whole area looks so much bigger now

Looking from the other direction. Jim has planted some primulas he bought. His 'twee' garden!

The spring flowers have really started to appreciate the warmth. This will be our first celandine. Should be fully out by tomorrow.

These gorgeous crocuses are up by our gate

Our first fully open daffodil


Pretty little wild strawberries

Buster has been a bit naughty yesterday and the day before. We heard him barking (well, howling) in the distance and Jim wandered down our road to the lane and Buster was barking at a new born calf and its Mum. He was a nightmare to get back to our land and we hadn't taken the lead. We put him in the barn and locked him in there for a good while. He howled! We hoped he'd learnt his lesson but yesterday he did the same thing, only this time he was in the field with the cows and howling at them. I have to say, the cows were ignoring him. This time Jim took the lead and dragged him back straight away. Into the barn once more, this time for an hour. So far he hasn't done it again so we are hoping he really has cottoned on. He probably just wants to play with them as he thinks everyone and everything should play but we can't have him barking at cows.

It's so exciting to see the extension actually progressing. At this rate the block work will be finished by the end of the week.

That's about it for us. I ache all over as does Jim. Old age catching up with us.


Carol and Chris said...

I just love that fence!!! Any chance of a tutorial??

(we have a garden now and I would love to make a fence like that)

C x

Ps. The walls are looking good!!

BT said...

Hiya Carol and Chris. The first thing you need is a lot of willow! We bought this place from a chap who made willow baskets so have lots growing here. You can buy it. Do you mean the living willow fence? The criss cross one?

The walls have about doubled this morning!

Leatherdykeuk said...

How fabulous!
The fences are fabulous and it must be such a relief to have the walls going up at last!

BT said...

Indeed it is Rach. They are going up more as I type.

Son1 said...

Oh walls, luxury. You were lucky..etc etc..

Shoot the dog.

We are arranging the M.I.L grand "move in" at the moment.


Carol and Chris said...

The living willow fence is beautiful but I meant the other one (the criss cross looks waaaaay too complicated!!). What material did you use for the other one, how long did it take and how easy is it to do?

Sorry, I bet your now wishing that you'd not met me a DJ's launch...

C x

aims said...


Look at everything you two are doing! Wow!

Gina - tell your man he builds an incredible fence! All that weaving! and the living willow fence! I've seen one other blogger doing that and I was so interested! We don't have a place for a fence like that but who cares!

We still have months of snow here Gina. Your flowers are just so precious! Enjoy them. I envy you.

BT said...

Carol and Chris, Jim is going to do a 'guest spot' on my blog!! So wait for it.....

By the way, for anyone who's interested, my man Jim has just started his own blog, on a botanical theme as it's pointless him doing a 'what we're doing' as well as me! His url is

The Weaver of Grass said...

That fencing is a work of art.
Love to hear about your gardening exploits. You have Spring well ahead of us - all your Spring flowers are out - ours are only just coming through.

DK Leather said...

Smashing blog, whoo hoo re the walls and aww re the pretty flowers. Wow re the fences too - so impressed - look forward to Jim's guest spot!

Added his blog too, looks really lovely!

jinksy said...

Poor old daffs round here are still struggling to get their leaves up, let alone the flowers! Aren't you the lucky one to heve them out already?!

BT said...

aims, good to see you. I told Jim about his fence! It's a bit of a slow process though and you need lots of material.

Weaver, Spring really does seem to have sprung here in the past week. It's warming up and everythng's rushing to be seen. The forsythia's almost out now.

Thanks DK, glad you enjoyed. Just have about another mile of fencing to do!!

Jinksy, lovely to see you. Thanks for your visit. I really enjoyed your blog. We have been lucky with the warmth the past week and it's really brought things on. There are quite a few narcissus out now too.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Could you please send me your husband's new blog address - I seem to have lost it and would love to read his blog about gardening.

Carol and Chris said...

Oooohh fantastic!!! Looking forward to it already :-)

C x