Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Photo Day Around Our Land

It rained on and off today but by the late afternoon the sun had come out so I decided it was time I took some more photos round and about The Deenery! I checked our post box first and a note scrawled on the letter inside said 'recorded delivery letter at Dromondoora Post Office'. Jim and I puzzled over what it might be then he made the suggestion perhaps it's a letter from the neighbours' solicitors. Well, I then had to jump in the car and go and collect it! All sorts of thoughts, not good, were going through my head on the way there. Was it about the dog? The road? The lovely postmistress brought me the offending letter and - it was our Tesco car insurance!! Phew.

Back to the photos: I started looking for anything in flower.

Jim planted these quite late last year but they've managed a bud each. I love snowdrops

Even dandelions look lovely in the sunshine when colour is thin on the ground

Budding Daffodils

Narcissus were the first to flower

Narcissus flower in the sunshine

The contorted willows looks great at any time of year

The first purple crocus to flower

Honesty seeds. A splash of white

Pretty primroses

The bank I have been clearing at the top of the allotment

The next section to be cleared. A mass of ivy

We have to devise a way to keep Buster off the allotment in the spring/summer or he'll trample all over the vegetables - or just dig them up. He loves eating the strawberries too. Jim has decided to extend the living willow fence to the edge of the allotment bed. He will then fence the side either with chicken wire or woven willow panels, depending on time constraints. I think he's making an excellent effort. This is the first time he's attempted a living willow fence:

Still to be finished of course

He has also made some woven willow fencing at the bottom - the part you see first when you enter the allotment area. I think it's wonderful, though again, not finished yet:

Isn't it just the bees' knees? It's very strong too

I moved on to the fairy hill and found a few more snowdrops. This one looked particularly fine:

Sam and Jason bought me this new fairy for Christmas

The bleached gnome is still playing his flute, the fairy (also pale and wan) watches from her perch and a hedgehog snuggles in the foreground

This view is taken from the fairy hill. Living willow fences at the bottom and to the left. The muddy section is where the builders have put their rubbish/rubble! It was all humps and bumps but now they're flattened it. We'll have to think of something to do with this area. Any suggestions. It's very very wet.

This is the section of road I built. The builders' machines have demolished it. More jobs to do in the Summer.

I turned left, past the bird station (moved from our back garden which is now a building site). This little coal tit just ignored me

Talking of builders, we are waiting for the young man to arrive and do the block work, ie, build the walls. Tuesday today. Maybe tomorrow! At least the blocks are here:

This lovely primula is in the grotto bed. Last year we planted some new ferns here and they have done very well, as has the bugle I brought from our garden in the UK

This yellow crocus was growing on our compost heap so I transplanted it to the top grotto bed

I almost trod on these tiny new lupin leaves

Red Dogwood at its best

The 'Digger Tree'

Lough Graney from our gate

Martin the farmer's gate! And cows eating from the byre. This is just to the right of our gate

The road to our neighbours' house. Subject of many complaints! Our cottage on the right. The red you can see is the membrane under the concrete floors

Martin's cows. If you click on the photo you can see the cow on the right's tongue!

I hope you've enjoyed my photos. I did end up taking a bit of an eclectic mix.


DK Leather said...

wow what wonderful pictures! Lovely to see a proper catch up from you mum :-)

Loved the willow fencing, clever Jim indeed!

Also adore the dogwood, yummy redness x

Leatherdykeuk said...

Lovely catch-up.

You're several weeks ahead of us with flowers, but adore the willow fencing.

ChrisH said...

I've just read your previous post too and I do hope things have picked up (did laugh at the tissue!!). Your lovely photos are very cheery too but something amazing has happened... the sun is out here!

Carol and Chris said...

Stunning photos BT!! I absolutely adore the woven fence...it's looks beautiful!!

Now that we've got a garden I might have to come to you for some advice!!

C x

BT said...

DK: Glad you liked the photos, thought it was time I did some garden ones. Isn't he clever? Dogwood is wonderful. I must get some of the yellow one now.
LD: Thanks. Amazing that we're ahead of the uK in something! Isn't the fencing great? Time consuming though.
ChrisH: The sun is out in Wales?? Never! Glad you enjoyed the posts.
Carol and Chris: Thanks for coming by. Glad you liked the photos and I'm more than happy to offer advice!

Son1 said...

Nice pics. I would suggest for the dirt area, a couple of motorcross bikes, and a bit of a scramble. ;-)

BT said...

Very good J!! Bit small for that I think. Neighbours might like it though! Bad girl.

Ces said...

These all looks very serious. My puny little garden measures about 12 feet by 100 feet and I hire gardeners to tend to it.

marianne said...

Having builders around sure must destroy parts of your garden.....but later this summer you will have an extension and a lovely garden again, that must be so nice!