Monday, February 23, 2009

Bad Morning, Good Afternoon!

I played with one of Jim's catkins pictures!! Alien catkins.

Not a good morning. Enough said! We did achieve much in the garden again this afternoon, however. Jim's only one side of the sleeping shed left to paint and it looks just great. I've been weeding all around it and started to make a path along the back of the shed.

Over the time we've been here, we've dug up some metal finds, old farm equipment and lots of bottles. We also have 2 old ploughs. We have made a display up of these items in front of the sleeping shed. Jim is in the process of painting them all black. The plough he's half done looks splendid. Photo will arrive when he's done them all.

Young son Ben rang me to ask when I was coming!! I texted him dates and times ages ago but of course he failed to make a note. 25 and still doesn't keep a diary or calender. So I am off tomorrow afternoon until Thursday midnight. When I return, there will be photos and tales of Zoo Lounge (Ben's bar) a-plenty I hope. So it's off to Mallaga for me. Porta Banus to be precise.


Ces said...

BT, are you gardening a plantation? Hope your morning is better tomorrow morning or this morning.

Carol and Chris said...

Blimey, your garden must be HUGE!!! Love the sound of the ploughs...look forward to the pictures.

Have a lovely trip away

C x

Son1 said...

Have a great trip. Look forward ot seeing the pics of Spain, ploughs, shed etc!


Leatherdykeuk said...

Have a good time in Spain.

Carol and Chris said...

There is an award for you over at mine :-)

C x

DK Leather said...

have a wonderful time in Puerto Banus - lots of love and miss yous to Ben!

The Weaver of Grass said...

You should be so lucky!
Perhaps the shed will be all painted when you return.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Gosh, I do admire all your work in the garden. You will be ready for Spring before I've even stuck my head out! I'm still waiting for warmth! Have fun on your trip!

DJ Kirkby said...

I love your photos, even the one's you altered. In fact I quite like the idea of purple catkins! Looking forward to the plow photos. Oooh have a great time with Ben. A bit of sun (and son) how lovely. xo

ChrisH said...

Gosh, I did a double take at those catkins. Enjoy your trip and we look forwards to reading all about son's venture.

BT said...

Hi Ces, just back from Spain. We have 5 acres, that's quite a large plot to look after!!

Carol and Chris, see above!!! Thanks for the award, but I can never get them onto my blog I'm afraid! I'll go and see anyway.

Hi J, will blog my trip for you.

Leatherdyke, thank you, I did!

DK, I had fun of course.

Weaver, I don't know about the shed yet!! Jim's just said it isn't!!

Thanks Pamela, it was fun. Lovely to see my young son.

DJK, it was beautifully warm in Spain. Bloomin' freezin' back here unfortunately! Purple catkins are great, aren't they?

Chris, great to see you. I'll blog on my trip asap. Lots of photos to download of course! It was so warm.