Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm Still Alive - Catch Up

Kitty, August 2011.

Hello everyone. Yes, I'm still here and feeling guilty as usual for my lack of posts. I still spend as much time as I can outside but as the days become shorter I should be able to be more reliable in my blogging efforts.


Every Thursday morning I go to a group in Tuamgraney called 'Woollygathering'. We sit and knit and chat and I really enjoy it. We had a sock making workshop a couple of Saturdays ago, but it wasn't long enough so we're going to have another two. I'd love to make a proper pair of socks. My current project is a jumper for Jim - a Jimmy Jumper! I've done the back and about half the front. Photos when it's completed (2012)?


In the same group, in November, we are having 6 weeks of crochet. I'm very excited about this as it's one of the crafts I've never tried. It's about time I learnt.


I seem to have made thousands of beads! I will put them for sale on Etsy soon. If they don't sell, I'll have to string them up around the house as Christmas decorations! I've also made quite a few keyrings. I've hung various things from a single ring. They can be hung on a bag, your phone, anywhere really. Just a bit of fun.


Sam, Jack and Kitty came over in August and we had a great time. The weather wasn't wonderful but it could have been worse. We did manage to go to the lake and have a bit of a splash around on their first day. They loved it.

L - R, Jack, me, Kitty and Sam. A distance shot to show the lake and lovely surroundings. The children are far too photogenic so it's hard to pick individual shots. Here's one of Kitty in her lovely 'wet suit'.

She is just adorable.

We went to Galway and nearly got blown away!! Jack, Sam, Me and Kitty in the pushchair.

The children enjoying helping Grandad Jim dig up, wash and dry potatoes. Look - sunshine!

We went to a family day in a local wood. Jack learnt all about his senses. Here, grandad talks Jack, blindfolded, through an obstacle course. They were very good at this.

We visited Clumber Park and sat on about every rock we could find!

I took this rather splendid photo of Jim:

That hat is rather chewed as Jim ran over it with the lawnmower!!

We walked to Lough Graney - Buster came too. More sunshine!

On the last day we made camps in the sunroom, made and ate cheese straws and generally played indoors. It was a super visit - come back soon!

New Arrival

Jim's daughter Ali had a baby boy, Tom, a brother for the lovely Poppy. Jim and I have both been to visit.

Here I am in Worthing having a cuddle.

Enough in one go I think! Today it's very windy and a bit drizzly. The Summer has been pretty awful here this year. Our outside vegetables have struggled but Jim produced lots of goodies from inside the polytunnel.

Blogging = must try harder.


Heather said...

Nice to hear from you again Gina - what a lovely post - Kitty looks so sweet. What a good time Jim and you had with your family, inspite of the weather. Love Jim's 'mowed' hat - it gives it great character! Happy Knitting, or whatever, till next time.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Obviously you had a marvelous summer. That is a good picture of Jim and the children are beautiful.

Jason said...

Hi, nice to see a blog. Good catch up and some lovely pics. Fine pic of Jim. x

Yvonne said...

Love all the smiling faces. Living life is what it's all about, so don't feel guilty about not posting for awhile. Savor each day is my motto, not blog every day. LOL Glad you're back though. :)

Leatherdykeuk said...

Good to catch up!

BT said...

Hello Heather, lovely to hear from you too. It's a fine hat isn't it? It makes me laugh.

Thank you Lisa, I think the children are beautiful too, but I may be a bit biased!

Hello son, Sam has all the pics, or should have! Good pic of Jim isn't it?

Thank you Yvonne. The trouble is, the longer you leave it to post, the harder it gets. Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks Rachel, must pop over to yours!

ally said...

Hi! Been following your blog for a while - have missed you so glad you're back. Lovely photos! Just got into knitting socks, as well as pony, chooks, dog and garden stuff, and it is very addictive. Have a look at Modern Knitting site for self striping sock wool. It looks like Fair Isle and they send you a free pattern too! Happy knitting from North Yorkshire!

BT said...

Hi Ally, good to meet you. I have a sock knitting workshop on the 13th. I can't wait to make my first pair. Self striping wool sounds wonderful!

BT said...

Have you a link to your blog ally?

ally said...

Don't have a blog as I haven't a clue how to start one up! Would like to share my life with others, though. I used to spin and sell my sweaters, now I make little sheep for the tourist trade here in Swaledale, and sell felted bags. Love knitting, and make socks and dishcloths for friends. First grandchild in April so will be busy with the needles for the baby! Full life with driving pony, chickens, little dog and loving early retirement. I NEED to start A BLOG!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to catch up with you Gina. Such sweet pictures - I love Kitty playing in the water in her red suit!
Congrats to you all on the birth of Tom.
Your time with friends learning to crochet sounds wonderful.
Give my best to Jim and Buster.

vicki said...

Hi Gina-
I was doing a little blog surfing this morning and ended up here at your beautiful blog. First thing to greet me is your magnificent blog header- that photo is out of this world gorgeous! Then--- your little grand daughter's sweet smiling face-- she is previous! I would want to kiss those sweet cheeks all day long.

Oh my goodness Gina- you have a beautiful family ( LOVE your husband's photo in that chewed up hat!!!) your photos are all lovely- what a beautiful place you have to call home!

Honestly- I'm totally mesmerized by the beautiful country where you live. My husband and I are a avid travelers- Ireland is on our list!

Don't apogize for sporadic blogging-- life happens - family and certainly blogging should be last on your list. I enjoy blogging too- but I can usually only do well to blog about twice a month. People that blog everyday must have more hours in their days than me!!

I've truly enjoyed my visit here-- I'm now your newest follower:)


aims said...

OMG! What a strange thing just happened to me Gina. I was just about to head up to bed after lying sick all day on the couch - me and a nasty cold....

Anyway - I suddenly remembered scanning down the list of people I know and read on my blog. I remembered seeing your name and then the fact that you hadn't posted for a couple of months.

I want to say I leaped off the couch but that isn't true. It was more like I struggled up, attempting not to put my legs into cramp - and then I scurried over to my desk.

I was suddenly afraid - yes - I was. And then I was quite alright. Although right at the moment I'm wondering when this post actually was!

To top that off - I am listening to an audio tape by Bill Bryson about Australia and he mentions Capability Brown. At the time I heard the name I thought it was fake. I was stunned to see it here! Now I'm going to have to look her up.

And now - the beads. Those are super fantastic beads! Absolutely gorgeous! I loved what you made with them. Really well done!
(Note I haven't asked how you did it?? Your secret is safe with you.)


So glad to see you're okay and Jim still looks as dapper as ever - lawnmower hat et al.

Mim said...

happy christmas Gina - lovely photos! and the family looks wonderful. See you in the new year

Anonymous said...


soulbrush said...

Wishing you all a very happy and jolly and healthy 2012!!