Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Gort Show,7th August 2011

Gosh, how quickly has The Gort Show come around again? Jim is on the committee and has been attending meetings all year so it's been on my mind getting things ready for entry into the crafts section. I only entered 5 photographs too as I had decided to have a bead stall at the show.

I didn't do quite as well as usual but still managed to make a profit. Jim did very well in the flowers section too. Between us we seemed to have a fistful of winning tickets.

Here the judges are examining my rag doll Jessica. It's clear they preferred the knitted dolls best as she came 3rd. Archie, my male doll, received a 'Highly Commended'. I'll enter a knitted one next year!

There was one section for 'any crafts not entered in another section' and it was clear that the judges didn't have an understanding of the more modern crafts. A friend of mine entered a Nuno felted scarf which was absolutely beautiful. It took about a week of hard work to make but didn't get placed at all. Time for some new, younger judges I think.

Here are some of Jim's entries. His winning sweet peas on the left. His winning potatoes on the right and below at the bottom, his winning plate of pansies. Didn't he do well? The photos taken inside are rather 'yellow' but that's the lighting in the hall.

I hardly took any photos as I was busy on my stall outside. I have been making beads from paper/old magazines/old cards etc. I made some up into jewellery - bracelets and necklaces - and had a lot on display in an old printer's drawer.

Here I am serving a young lady who wanted to make a bracelet for her mum. She loved it and it was a pleasure to fulfil her wish. I made some beads while I was there and people were fascinated by the process. Most people thought the beads were bought when they first saw them. I missed not being about to look around the show but really enjoyed the day.

Here is a bracelet and earring set that I made - it came 3rd in the jewellery section:

I made the beads out of an old valentine's card from Jim!

And a couple of bracelets:

The weather was pretty good until about 4pm when the heavens opened! Jim got some good shots of soggy people:

I love this photo of a clown running one way and the child running the other! We waited for a while for the rain to stop, but when it wasn't happening, packed away and went inside the hall. At least I managed to get a look at all the exhibits.

Look at those puddles.

Jim managed a quick look around and watched this heavy horse pulling his master around:

Unfortunately there were a few rumbles of thunder and the horse became too spooked to continue.

I took this shot of a collie dog on his way home - I wonder if it won a prize?

The next day, Jim went back to the show hall to help clear up. He took a few photos there too. This is the best one of 3 of the stewards rolling the blue tack off the photo display boards!

They were all rewarded for their efforts with lunch at the Lady Gregory Hotel.

I'm still sorting out the beads and equipment at home.

Work in Progress in the Cottage

Jim has been very busy making a staircase at one end of the cottage. We did have a roof ladder leading up to the little room upstairs in the roof space but it wasn't very easy to use. He is also building a storage cupboard at the bottom - just opposite the door to my study. I'll see if I can find a photo of it:

It has progressed further than this. The banister is now finished and he has clad the end wall of the cupboard with tongue and groove pine. On the left you can see the entrance to my study. The upstairs room can be a spare bedroom or Jim may use it for his office while he attacks the final room to be 'done up' at the exact opposite end of the cottage. Currently this is used as Jim's office.

Forthcoming Visit

On 18th of this month, my daughter in law Sam and the grandchildren Jack and Kitty are coming to stay for a few days. I'm quite excited at the prospect but do hope the weather is kind to us. It's absolutely tipping it down today.

Here are a couple of photos from my last trip to Suffolk to visit them:

Gorgeous Kitty - how she has grown! This was entered in as 'portrait of a child' but didn't come anywhere!

What a grown up young man Jack has become. He is now 6. Here he was getting ready to go to the Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds for his first public performance. He belongs to a drama group and performed incredibly well. I was very proud of him. He played a chef and had to wear one of Daddy's ties.


He's still with us. He still goes off wandering with is friend Max the labrador but has so far returned.

I think that's enough for today. I'm sorry I've been absent for so long. Thanks to all those who keep visiting. xxx


DK Leather said...

Whoohoo you Blogged again! Missed your blogs momma, so lovely to see the smashing pictures and read all about everything again, yay! Xxx

Heather said...

Nice to have you back Gina. I love country shows - congrats to you and Jim on your winning entries. Love the beads and am impressed by Jim's staircase. Kitty is so beautiful and it looks as if Jack might follow in Granny's footsteps. Love to dear old Buster.

BT said...

I thought you might be the first visitor K!! Glad you enjoyed the post.

Hello Heather. I love country shows too, they are such fun. I'm glad you like my beads and agree that Jim's sooo clever! I'd love Jack to do that. I must call over at yours.

Lynn said...

Always happy to visit you here.
First, that precious grand daughter is too beautiful for words! And the little guy looks older than six to me!!! A handsome doll too!

Congrats on all the sales and prizes between the two of you I'd say you tore up the place!
Now regarding judges: When ever I enter a show that is to be judged I 1) enter many items 2) know it's a crap shoot 3) hope there is someone there who appreciates what I do! But I don't count on winning as I've watched judges judge and there is no way to figure out what is going to appeal to them on a given day. And I hear you about judges who "understand" modern art.
Getting my art quilts noticed and getting them to be awarded prizes is INCEDIABLE LUCK it seems sometimes. it's just beyond some artists understanding.

I love you paper beads and what a sweet way to save a Valentine!

Leatherdykeuk said...

I'm glad the show went well :)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Nice to meet up with you again - I miss you.
Your show looks good. Speaking of getting younger judges (which I agree with by the way as far as our local show goes) my mother-in-law once entered a competition with a sponge cake and the judge rejected it saying she had put yellow colouring iin it. She hit the roof in fury, sought out the judge and told her off - telling her that our eggs had golden yolks as the hens fed on grass.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina, What a lovely post about the show. Your beads are lovely and how very special to have used Jim's Valentine's card to you! Wow, the grandchildren have grown so much! I hope you will have wonderful weather for their visit.

BT said...

Lovely to see you Lynn. Kitty is gorgeous isn't she? And Jack's quite handsome too! He has wonderful blue eyes while Kitty's are a very dark brown. I hear what you say about judges. They're a funny lot and you can never know what they'll choose! We did ok considering! I'm glad you like my beads too.

Thanks Rachel. I hope you had a lovely birthday.

Hello Weaver, your story of the mother in law made me laugh! I bet the judge was embarrassed. It was a fun day in spite of our old judges!

Hello Mildred, I thought you'd notice how much the grandchildren have shot up! I'm really looking forward to their visit. The weather's been pretty rotten this month so I hope it's saving a bit of sunshine for their visit. xxxx

Jason said...

Looks a like good fun and a great success. Nice pics. I like the one of Jack and I. xx

D.J. Kirkby said...

Your beads are gorgeous! I am so impressed with them. Love Jim's sweet peas, they are one of my favourite flowers.I plan to enter some of my jam or chutney in next years' allotment show.

Bella Sinclair said...

Hello, hello, hello, Gina! I hope you and Jim are doing well. There is always something going on over at your house, and I'm sure you are busy tending to the home and garden and wee visitors and crafts....Whew! Your beads look fantastic! And hooray for your adorable dolls and Jim's gorgeous flowers and potatoes. Looks like the day was a lot of fun at the Show.

Hope the renovations are going smoothly! And hope to see you again soon.