Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Cushions, New Projects.


I had bought a bed set a while ago for our king sized bed. It included one of those 'runners' that goes across the bed towards the bottom of the quilt - but it was pretty useless as it just fell off all the time! So I dismantled it and made cushions/pillows out of it - now we can sit up in bed and watch the birds or do the crossword puzzle in comfort.

The little one at the front came with the set, the other 4 are the ones I made. They're a bit slippery though and every time I tried to take the photo the one at the front slid down!


We've been managing to do a bit of gardening here and there. Tidying up and mostly bramble clearing. It's amazing how much they grow when you're not looking at them. I did about an hour yesterday, but was completely pooped. I need to get my energy levels back up again.

I'm off to do a bit as soon as I've finished this - hopefully I'll last a bit longer today.


Well, one of my projects was the bed cushions, so I can tick that one off. Also I need to make some bigger cushions for the Sunroom settees as the ones we have are very old and flat. I could do with being able to get some cushion 'innards' really, but haven't seen any for sale in Ireland yet.

I have also embarked on trying to make a large rug for the snug floor. The theory was to weave small sections and then sew them all together. Having said that, I have just made the first one and it took ages - so watch out for photos of the completed rug in about 2013!

I have, believe it or not, already designed my next year's Christmas Cards! I was playing around with Christmas paper and bits of sweet wrappers and came up with the idea. How crazy is that? Mind you, by next Christmas I'll have forgotten both what my idea was and where I've put the prototypes!!

My Little 'Stones'

Here are the stones I have done since my last blog post. It's getting harder to remember to do them each day. To find out about this project, click on the link over on the top right hand of my blog page.

Day Seven, Jan 8th

Fairies dancing up and down the wardrobe door through a crack in the curtains. Mesmerising

Day Eight, Jan 9th

Soft rain bathes the verdant lawns. Maghera hilltop hides under a blanket of mist

I still have today's to do


Jim's still not on top form. Now he's all achy and his heart is still all over the place. Time for a trip to the doctors soon.

I hope everyone is ok out there. Thinking of the poor inhabitants of Queensland, Oz, who are suffering so much in the floods.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Clever needlework, Gina.

Kim Nelson said...

Love your little stones. Compact. Precise. Telling!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes Gina, the little stones are fun to do aren't they? Do hope that Jim is soon on top form again.

BT said...

Thanks Rachel.

Thanks Kim, I'm not sure what I'm doing but it is fun!

Yes Weaver, they are. Are yours on your blog I wonder? Must come and see. We think it's Jim's root canal filling that's causing the problem - perhaps an abcess. His dentist seems to think so. Thanks for your thoughts.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The pillows you made are beautiful. Satin is a slippery material. I hope you don't fall out of bed. I love the little Stones too. Such great thougths to get the imagination humming. I have thought that I should think of a Christmas card for next year now due to all the snow on the ground. It looks Christmasy here now. I hope Jim gets to feeling better.

Lynn said...

You have been very busy! I like the silver pillows! Clever you.
Do hope your DH is well.

Heather said...

Your cushions are very glamorous Gina. Love your stones. Hope Jim will soon feel better.

Mim said...

looks like a comfy bed -

hope Jim is well and soon feeling all good

BT said...

Lisa you made me laugh about falling out of bed!! Did you take any snow photos? We think Jim has an abcess above a tooth, so no wonder he feels rotten.

Thanks for popping over Lynn.

Hi Heather, I hope it's warmed up at yours. Jim needs antibiotics, which he will hopefully get today. Fingers crossed. I'm glad you like my cushions and stones.

Thanks Mim, it's very comfy and we're working on Jim!!

Deborah said...

Lovely luxurious cushions! Also enjoy the stones.

DK Leather said...

Cor, clever wotsit re the cushions from the 'bottom bit', I always thought those were pointless too!

My jaw dropped this morning with the news that Brazil, Sri Lanka etc are now also literally drowning in floods... awful. Poor, poor people, just awful.

BT said...

Thank you Deborah. Glad you're enjoying my 'stones'.

Hi K, I dreamed about you last night. Not a nice one! Hope you're ok. Thanks for the cushion compliments, far more useful than that stupid runner thing! The floods are dreadful aren't they? We don't know how lucky we are being in this part of the world.