Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Cards? Garden, Artist Doll.

Oh I've been very industrious lately. Since the Christmas cards have come down, I absent mindedly did a collage with some of them:

Then I started thinking about next year's cards - yes really - and cut out a 'tree' template. I cut several trees out:

And here is my first card! It needs some writing on and maybe a bit more glitter, but the idea's there. What's the betting I can't find them by next December?

Artist Doll

A lady who saw my 'Santa's Helper' doll on Etsy shop asked whether I could make her an 'artist' one. She teaches art at school and wanted it to sit on a cupboard. Well, I had a go and haven't charged her yet. I hope she likes it when it arrives:

She wanted the smock to be plain so that she can splodge paint on him!! What fun eh? I do hope she approves.


I mentioned that we've been trying to clear some brambles from the path to and from our little wooded are (well, one of them). I took a photo just to show what we've done so far:

Not a wonderful photo as it was very dull and rained soon after I had taken this. The carrying case on the left was a present from Jim for me for Christmas. It's brilliant. I started off with 2 coats and hat, but as you can see, I shed one coat when I started to warm up. Much more to do in the other direction though. You can see a bit of the bramble in the foreground. Blackthorn has also grown up all over the path and has to be mattocked out. It's hard work but good fun.

Dotee Doll

I made this Dotee Doll for Jim for Christmas - he seemed to be the only person without one.

She was made from a Christmas tea towel and embellished with stars and sequins. Her 'tail' consists of 3 pieces of raffia with a snowman, spring and heart button attached at the bottom.


We think Sandy now thinks he is a dog and has taken to lying on the mat just like Buster, his head right down and even one leg out the back - it looks most odd!

He certainly believes in getting comfortable.

Today's Stone aros

I took Buster for a quick walk down to the lake. It was really misty and almost dusk. I noticed the following:

The farmer's gates no longer swing
Bound together now with wire and string
Young cows huddled close in the barn nearby
With curly coats and winsome eye


I forgot to mention that we had Wolf and Melanie for tea a couple of days ago. Sunday I think. Jim made hot scones again and they went down a treat. We sat in the sunroom and chatted for well over an hour and drank 2 mugs of tea each. I managed to throw the first one all over the floor. Melanie bought me a present, which I have since used:

Wasn't that thoughtful of her? I put it by the kettle when Jim had gone to bed, not feeling well and I had done just what it says here!


Today Jim took himself to the doctors and came back armed with strong painkillers and strong antibiotics. It seems he has an abscess above the tooth he had root filled before Christmas. That could be the reason for his heart arrhythmia as any infection can set it off in some people. Fingers crossed. He is so fed up with being ill. On top of everything else he is now full of cold.

As a goal to getting better, he has booked us a 5 day holiday to Athens in early March to celebrate his 65th birthday.

Love to everyone - we could do with some sunshine here.


EMM said...

Your life sounds wonderful!

Stampmaiden said...

Gina, I love what you did with your collaged Christmas cards! What a great way to be green. You know, they'd make a great Christmas banner too. As I was looking at your tree I imagined them turned upside down. But they make wonderful trees and they look great as cards. I know what you mean about hoping to find them next year.
Love that Sandy! Hope Jim heals soon.

Leatherdykeuk said...

How splendid!
Love the cards. I'm sure I shall just print them again -- I'm stillusing up the stock made in 2008!

DK Leather said...

what a completely fabulous entry! LOVE the artist doll, wow you're so green and clever re the cards, LOL re Sandy and boooo re Jim. Hope Jim feels worlds better soon.

WOW re Athens too, how wonderful for you both! :-) xxx

Heather said...

Love your recycled Christmas card and the dolls. Sandy knows how to get comfortable - hope Buster didn't mind him pinching his spot. I've had a tooth abcess and they are not nice at all - my sympathy to Jim - hope he will soon be feeling fine again. The thought of that trip to Athens will keep you both going.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Poor Jim. Nothing worse than an abcessed tooth. Get well!

Your garden project looks daunting to me. What a lot of brambles to deal with. Your place will be so beautiful when you get it all under control.

Love your cards. Make a note on your calendar where you store them away. The artist doll is great as is the dot doll. You are such a gifted artist.

BT said...

Well thank you EMM, it's not bad!

Hiya Linda. Thank you for the compliment about my cards. I see what you mean about a Christmas banner - good idea. Jim's still full of cold and feeling grot but hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon.

Thank you Rachel. Wow, you must have printed a lot in 2008!

Aw, you're too kind K and maybe just a little bit biased!! I just hope Jim's better for Athens.

Heather, you always manage to remember to comment on every aspect of a post - I don't know how you do it! Thank you so much. Roll on March!

Hello Lisa, he's still under the weather but hopefully will recover soon. I'm not sure that we'll ever get the garden under control, but we keep trying!

That's a good idea to make a note about where I put my cards - I will do that. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm blushing about my dolls. Thank you so much. xxx

PAK ART said...

I love what you are doing with old cards...I'm going to steal/share that idea and try it for myself. Great way to reuse!

marianne said...

What a great idea those X mas cards!!!!
Poor Jim, I am having trouble with my roots for years....I know all about it.
Hope they can fix it soon for him.
Going to Athens together in March, now that's something to look forward to. How romantic!

Have a nice day!

BT said...

Patty, do have a go at the Christmas card collage - it's such fun. You could cut any shape out of it of course, a bell, holly leaves, whatever you fancy.

Hi Marianne, thanks for the compliment about the cards. They are fun to make.

Jim is at last getting a bit better. Thankfully the antibiotics are kicking in at last. Athens here we come!!