Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve 2010 ATCs & Postcards

Me wearing a romper suit - one of my Christmas presents from Jim!

The view from our meadow towards Flagmount and to the right, Tipperary hills.

Hello everyone. Can it be NYE already? Guess it must be. We're not doing much to celebrate - I'm in my office and Jim's in his! Mind you, we did do some gardening earlier which we both really enjoyed. It's lovely to get outside now that all the frost has gone. I did some weeding, digging, rock moving and path weeding. Jim attacked a load of blackthorn that is threatening to take over up on the meadow.

It was a quiet Christmas at The Deenery but we enjoyed it. We had a walk round the land and opened our presents:

2 piles of presents, mine on the left! I have a new phone and had a box of Thornton's chocolates:

This is the 2nd box! Jim bought this in Tesco yesterday as it had been much reduced - which is more than can be said for my waistline after I've eaten them all! I have charged up the phone but that's it so far. I'm not good with new things and instructions..

I also had a lovely warm hat - of course now it's too warm to wear it! I'm sure some cold weather will return before our Winter's end.

How splendid is my hat? In my hand is an ice crystal. I've been amazed at their beauty, like little works of glass art. Here is a little pyramid of crystals:

Do click on this photo and enlarge it.

Here is a photo looking down on a whole heap of ice crystals on the meadow:

Again, if you get the chance, click on this photo.

Buster and Sandy came with us on our walk:

I had some treats in my pocket for Buster.

We walked all round the meadow admiring the frost on the ground. Buster and Sandy came all the way. Then we heard Blackjack coming up the path. He was a bit late to the party! He decided to try and frighten us by arching his back and puffing himself up! It didn't work:

Buster 'what's he doing Mum'? lol.

They all tried to get through the cat flap at once. Crazy animals:

Here I am with my Christmas Dinner:

It's now 2nd January - I didn't finish the other night so will try to do so now. Tonight a couple who live by the lake came for tea at 5pm. We made scones and banana bread and had a tin of Cadbury's Chocolate biscuits and large mugs of tea. It was lovely to entertain someone having been on our own all over Christmas.

Art and Craft

Between Christmas and New Year I made some postcards with all the bits and pieces I'd saved from sewing, wrapping and sweet eating! I think they came out rather well:

Then I cut up an old art project into ATC sized pieces. Some of them are ok as they are and others will need some more adding to them. I think they turned out ok:

These are all for swapping if anyone would like one or more of them. Just leave a comment here or email me.

That's it for now. Wishing everyone a very Happy, healthy and artful New Year.


kj said...

gina, thank you so much for stopping by and for your good wishes. likewise to you from me.

this looks like you live in a magical land. the ice crystals are stunning. and so is your smile.


Dotti said...

OMG you are one brave lady posting that pic of you in the rompers on the internet. May you have a wonderful new year! (I think we met when we did a follow along project with Bea at dogintheholestudio last year!

BT said...

Aw, thank you kj, my pleasure.

Hi Dotti, do you think I look too stupid then?? I think it's fun! Ah, I think we did now you come to mention it. The ATCs came from one of Bea's projects.

Lynn said...

First I am wowed by the tree in the banner, then I am smiling over you in your sleepers; and then the ice trees in your hand and the hat! Such fun.
Happy NEW year! Enjoy, looks like you and the animals all are already!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Fantastic frozen willow.

I'm glad you had a good christmas despite to Jim scare.

BT said...

Thank you Lynn! The animals have such a good life don't they? lol.

Thanks Rachel, that willow was something else.

aimee said...

how cute are you in that romper and that gorgeous hair! and i love those postcards! happy new year, gina!

Heather said...

Lovely festive pics Gina and the ice crystal is amazing - so beautiful. Love your postcards and recycled ATCs - great idea to reuse old artwork. Your romper suit must be lovely to relax in after a busy day in the garden.

Susan said...

Happy 2011! Great photos, as usual :) and I LOVE the romper!!

BT said...

Thank you so much aimee. Glad you like the postcards too.

Hello Heather, so glad you like thepost and that ice crystal. I love using up old art that maybe 'didn't quite work' and using bits on bobs on the postcards too. I'm finding the romper suit a bit warm now the snow and frost has gone! Happy New Year to you Heather.

Hi Susan, glad you liked the photos and my romper! Dotti didn't!! lol. HNY to you all. xxx

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Your header is a STUNNER. That's one awesome photo! You looked cute in your Red rompers. :) I wish I had some ATCs going to swap but I have been lazy. Well not really as I cleaned out junk and organized house for company that was coming and did it in two weeks. Now that was work. :)) Hope you have a lovely 2011. I did enjoy our brief snow but I don't think I would enjoy it for long either. Glad you have warmed up there.

DK Leather said...

smashing photos mum, from the ice tree to the romper & pigtails to the amazing ice crystals... just wow. Lovely post! xxx

Mildred said...

Happy New Year Gina! Lovely to catch up with you tonight. I love all your gifts (especially the chocolates!) and your pets are so cute following along to the meadow! Your afternoon tea with friends sounds delightful. I hope Jim is continuing to feel better. Your photos are wonderful; love those ice crystals. You have been busy with your art too. I wish you and your family much happiness and health in the new year. Love you.

Mim said...

The ice crystals are gorgeous and you look adorable in that romper suit! Happy New Year Gina

BT said...

Thank you Cris, I took loads of photos of that tree, it was amazing but by the next day most of the frost had melted - I was just in time. Well done for having a good clear out - a great start to 2011. The sun is shining on me right no - lovely.

Aww, thanks K, glad you liked it.

Hello Mildred, I'm so glad you liked this post and all its content. I knew you'd like the animal photos! Thanks also for your good wishes for 2011. Love you too.

Thanks Mim, I was just amazed by the ice crystals, I've never seen them before. I like my romper suit too! Happy New Year to you too and a great artful 2011. xxxx

KathyB. said...

That romper suit looks very cozy and warm! Too cute.

Happy New Year to you and your Jim.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Seeing you in that romper I was thinking you had lost weight. Then you say you maybe gained a little. Ha... I am fighting the cookie baking (eating) binge I went through this Christmas season. UGH... Love those post cards. I would love to trade one with you. A great way to start the new year.

seabluejewels said...

So lovely to hear form you! Not to worry we had help with everything, pipes and drains. Really was lovely to feel looked after in a crisis.
I felt it was a blessing through the togetherness. Glad it didn't destroy much also. We seem to be swayed into keeping are material collection piles low,lol!
Loads of love to you!


PAK ART said...

I love the pic of you in your Romper suit! That is exactly how I think of you - just exuberant in life. Happy New Year to you and good health to your sweetie!

BT said...

Thanks KathyB. It's a bit too warm actually!!

Lisa, I have put on 4lb! Naughty me and I still have some chocolates left. Ah well, then I'll cut down again. I'd love to trade a postcard with you. Any particular one you'd like?? Do let me know.

Hi Julie, so good to see you. I'm glad you didn't have too much trouble with your burst pipes! Happy New Year to you, xxxx

Aw Pattie, you are so sweet! I'm not always full of beans, as we would say. I have managed to get out into the garden a few times at last, which is great. Today there was a rotten cold wind though, so I didn't go out.

I have enjoyed the Christmas and New Year break though - it's been very peaceful and I've managed to do some art too. I hope all's well in your part of the world. Cold, I bet. Much love, BT. xxxx

Teri C said...

Such a fun and happy post Gina. LOVE those 'recycled ATCs!!

Happy New Year!

Bella Sinclair said...

You had a LOVELY Christmas! Hahaha, awww, the romper is CUTE! Love your ponytails with it. :D

And those ice crystals are something else. Look at that, a perfect pyramid. Wow!

I love the colors in those ATCs. They look like colorful Christmas presents, all wrapped up in happy paper, no?

Happy New Year to you, Gina! xoxo

marianne said...

Hi Gina!

Great pictures!
Love that one of the cats at the pet door and Buster checking them out :)
And those snow crystals are amazing!
Hope you will have a wonderful 2011!
With lots of fun and creativity!
Happy New Year♥

Ces said...

Happy New Year!

Beware that pic of you in a romper suit is pretty soon going to found in some centerfold of a magazine.

The ATCs are so colorful!

Hehehe! What a lovely holiday you had. Love the ice crystals. More power to you in 2011!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

BT, I really like the postcard with the writing on it. I will get a card into the mail for you this weekend. Cheers.

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