Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mixed Post, Ennis, Archie Doll +

A Very Cute Shop Window Display in Ennis


Great news. All being well the doctor said that Lu can come home on Monday! This is just fantastic. She'll be very weak of course and won't be able to do much but at least she'll be home.

On Wednesday Jim took me to Ennis to do some Christmas shopping. He carried on to Limerick to buy some pellets for our stove. We left early as it was supposed to snow in the afternoon. I had fun around the Chrismassy shops and everyone seemed to be in a good mood.

These figures were all animated and so pretty.

I rather liked the red stars hung in an arcade on the way to Dunnes stores - where I picked up lots of goodies!

While I was waiting for Jim to pick my up, the sky got darker and darker and then it started sleeting/snowing. I ran over to shelter in Aldi's just before Jim came down the road - and drove straight past me! We did manage to find each other and headed home.

The sky got darker and darker!

Cows in the Meadow

Yesterday, I looked out of my studio window and saw several cows up in our meadow! Our gate was firmly shut so I'm not sure how they got in. Anyway, Jim and I herded them along our path and eventually out of the gate. We checked to see if any more were about. During the evening, Jim went up to the barn to get some pellets and there were another 2 small cows standing on the parking area! Off we went again and managed to get them out too. Of course they are Martin's, our neighbouring alcoholic farmer.

Here are a few of them - taken through my window, thus the splodges!

Today there was another fox on the arboretum. Jim managed to get one reasonable photo:

New Friends

Our neighbours Pete and Sandra haven't been about for ages and I was worried about the cats. I went down there and the cats appeared, so someone must have been feeding them. Later on, a white van appeared - and we happened to be by our barn so they stopped and we had a chat. It turned out that they were coming from the other side of the lake to feed the cats every few days, so we have taken over duties of course. I think we were away when P and S left so they couldn't ask us.

We invited 'Wolf' and 'Melanie' in for a cup of tea and enjoyed a pleasant hour chatting with them about this and that. They bought their place with no roof, windows, doors, running water or electricity! How brave they were. We thought we had a hard time with the builders here for a year. Wolf (short for Wolfgang) is an artist and Melanie makes Irish Straw items, a bit like corn dollies from what I can imagine. We had a lot in common and I'm sure we'll keep in touch. I hope so anyway.

Apparently P & S are in Australia, which we had guessed as Sandra's parents and a sister live there.

I finished another rag doll a couple of days ago, he's called Archie and everyone loves him!!

Back View

His face close up.

Side view to show off his hair cut!

His trousers were made out of an old pair of my jeans and his socks from an old white tea shirt. Only the shirt and bow tie are new material.

I took part in at ATC swap all with a Christmas theme and these are the ones I received:

They are now hanging on my Christmas Tree. Festive Fun.

We are about ready for Christmas. In case we get snowed in we bought most of the food - which isn't that much for us two. I think we have been reasonably lucky with the snow so far. They have had it really bad in the UK again. My son Jason battled from Suffolk to SE London in the snow. His normal one and a half hour journey took 3 and a half. Still, at least he got there ok.

I think that's all from me on this catch up and I hope everyone is having a good weekend.


DK Leather said...

lovely catch up! Glad Jason made it, brrr! We've been really lucky so far here, though last time we had it worse I think.

Love Archie!! :-) but then you knew that xxx

Anonymous said...

I am so very happy that Lu is better and will be home soon! Wonderful, happy news!
I love Archie - you are so talented. My hair looks just like his when I wake up in the mornings!
That is funny about the cows straggling over to your place. Martin is lucky to have you and Jim for neighbors.
Looks like a pretty place to go shopping. Those clouds were very ominous!

I wish you a very Merry Christmas. So glad the renovation on your home is complete and you can enjoy it this holiday season. Love to you.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Good to catch up. Those poor cows!

Teri C said...

Such good news about Lu. A real Christmas gift.

Your stores and all their decorations are really beautiful.

Love that Archie!!!

Lynn said...

Enjoyed reading all this from the pretty banner on down. Glad about Lu; love the window decrorations; and the beautiful fox. good luck kitties all.
Happy Holidays!

Lynn said...

Oh, the rag doll is adorable too!

Heather said...

Best news of Luisa - a real Xmas bonus. Super pics as usual - love Archie and his freckles. Great ATCs - very festive. It's pretty cold here in S.Glos - the roads are icy but we haven't had much snow although all around us seem to have had much more. Keep warm, keep safe and have a lovely Christmas.

Jason said...

Great news re Lu. Achie is indeed rather fine!

Sounds a pleasant meeting with you visitors! All looking very white outside!


BT said...

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments - I've emailed you all.

Anonymous said...

Archie is such a great doll - I can see a family developing around him. Watch this space!JimXXXX

BT said...

You mean so I can sell them and make you some money??

PAK ART said...

Your rag dolls are adorable. Merry Christmas to you an yours. So glad to hear the Lu is better and will be home soon. What a wonderful Christmas present for you all!