Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Suffolk Trip. New Rag Doll Completed

Suffolk Trip

Hi everyone, I had a great few days in Suffolk. We went to a playbarn, shopped, lunched, went out for a ladies night and meal, lunched, had tea..... actually a great deal of eating happened!

Just a few photos to show you. The rest are on Facebook if you're interested.

Kitty at the playbarn with smarties.

Sam and I ready to go out for a meal with lots of other ladies. It was great.

My delicious pudding.

Ladies who eat a lot!! I'm right down the far end. It was Sam's birthday on Monday 31st so this was our excuse to celebrate. We went on Saturday night.

On Sunday it was a trip over to Dereham to see Nanny Maureen and Grandad Ivor - this time we ate in a pub! What shall we have today? It was roast dinners all round:

Jack loved his:

And Kitty enjoyed pouring the gravy onto each and every plate with the cute little gravy boats!

We had a quick whizz round some shops, Kitty rode in the trolley with Jack pushing - a recipe for disaster! Sam behind.

Kitty at home with a basket hat!

While Jack played on his space hopper.

Jack having Daddy time before bed and some Gran time, below!

On Monday, guess what? We went for lunch! This time Jack was at school so it was just Sam, Jason, Kitty, Rene (Sam's Mum) and me. We went to the Harvester and I enjoyed a superb fish and chips. Kitty wasn't really hungry so Jason quickly eat his dinner then entertained her inside and outside:

Here they were dancing to the background music!

Sam had a 'WI' for her birthday and we all had fun playing on it. Sam and I both enjoyed the tennis. I can play much better on the WI than in real life!

My photo of the trip is this one of Sam and Kitty having a love in:

I left early on Tuesday morning. At Shannon airport I waved to Jim in the queue for the plane I had just arrived on - he was heading to Worthing for a couple of days! It was Thursday before I picked him up back at Shannon!

New Doll

The new doll for Ann Broderick has now been finished. I'll probably take it to her tomorrow (Monday):

Meet Bridget (as she's Irish).

Here is the back view. I put a little plait and bobble on the end of her hat for a change.

My new table

I never seemed to have any space in my office to work so Jim converted an ironing board, which I don't use for ironing as it's just too big, into a work table. I love it!

He's fixed a board to the top and it still has the pointed section of the ironing board, which I can use to iron the seams on the dolls' dresses, etc. What a clever boy! I have another order for a rag doll so I'm just sorting out the material.

I think that's about all the news apart from the incessant rain we've had for a few days. And lots of wind.

Happy Monday everyone.

Oh, the 'River of Stones' has finished and I have submitted 10 of mine for inclusion in the book they are going to make of them. I'll be happy if one is picked. xx

Here's a link to my Facebook photos


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, happy photos of your family Gina. Sounds like a lovely time. I love your dolls and you have such a nice space to create in. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

BT said...

Thank you Mildred. My studio is lovely and I'm very grateful for it. I just hope it stops raining this week so that we can get outside. Mind you, it'll be very soggy I fear!

Jason said...

Hello! What a lovely selection of pics. Good choices! Lovely to see you as ever. x

Great ironing board thingy.


Leatherdykeuk said...

What a super weekend you had!
Good luck with the ROS book. I didn't enter any of mine.

Heather said...

Beautiful family pics Gina and lots of happy memories of your latest trip. Love the doll and your workroom/office. You have a lovely outlook through the french doors - it'll be great to have them open when the weather gets warm enough. Keep dry and batten down the hatches!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Good to see the family doing so well. The Grands are growing fast. Your new work table is an inspiration no doubt. I like seeing your work room. Nice. Everything at your fingertips.

DK Leather said...

smashing entry! Love the doll, your space, the pictures of such a lovely visit. :-) xxx

Bella Sinclair said...

Your rag doll is adorable! And I love the artist one you did earlier. Very sweet, they are. You are a whiz with a needle. :)

And that new work table is a stroke of genius! You can easily stash it away when you need more room. Fantastic!

The photos from your trip are super, and they made me smile. Looks like you had a grand time. Kitty is a cutie patootie. Hehehe. I see she has found a straw basket helmet for the next time she rides a trolly with Jack pushing. And I thought it was so funny how you were able to wave to Jim at the airport. What timing!

I always enjoy my visits here! You always have something going on. xoxo

PAK ART said...

Sounds like you had a happy wonderful time. Time with family is always the best! Love the new little ragdoll. It is very cute.

marianne said...

Lovely pictures of a great time with your family!
Kitty has turned into a beautiful little girl!
That table is a great idea! And it stores very good.

Have a good week!


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