Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Visitors - Bunratty, Galway, Ennis, Feakle!

Sorry I've been away so long. I was very busy with my daughter's visit of course. She came with Lina and as a surprise, brought my oldest granddaughter Kirsty. Jim knew of course but I had no idea.

The first trip we made was to Bunratty again! Jim and I managed to see parts we hadn't managed to visit last time with Val. Although the 3 girls were very tired, they still enjoyed the castle and surroundings. Just a few photos from there:

Lina (centre) and Jim having a rest outside the 'doctor's house', Bunratty.

This fabulous stag didn't mind having his photograph taken. It's taking ages to upload the photos today so I'll not have to do too many.

We also found the walled garden. Here are my 3 visitors:

Lina on the ground, Kirsty in pink and K at the front.

We came across an old water mill and a mare and young foal. Lina fed the foal some fresh grass:

These are the cogs that drive the water wheel. Unfortunately they had slipped our of true and needed repair, so the wheel couldn't turn.

On the Friday we left Jim at home and headed for Ennis. Kirsty, who is getting married next May, had found a wedding dress shop there and we had an appointment for 2.30pm. She looked gorgeous in all the dresses of course and really loved one of them. In the end we didn't buy it though.

Here's K peeping through a rather fancy statue we found in Ennis.

While Jim sorted out dinner we walked Buster to Lough Graney, through Dillons' Wood. If you look hard you can see Lina on the shore. The water was really low and Lina was able to clamber right to the end of the line of rocks:

Kirsty was wrapping herself up in her pink scarf when I took this delightful photo of her:

I guess we'd better have one photo of Buster!

On the walk back up the lane to the car, we spotted loads of these hairy caterpillars on the ground:

I must try and find out what they turn into...

On the Sunday it was the Gort Show. Jim had entered lots of flower and vegetable classes and I had entered a couple of craft sections plus lots of photos. It was pretty hectic getting all our things ready. I had entered Lina and Kirsty into a 'miniature flower arrangement' class! Kay had a marvellous time doing 2 arrangements and Lina and Kirsty did one each, all of them were lovely. Jim had also entered so he chose one of K's for his!

Here is the hall all laid out beautifully and 3 judges working hard to reach their decisions. I was able to take this from upstairs in the hall. Jim and I were stewards for the children's section as was K, although she also looked after the crafts some of the time and was very helpful.

Kirsty, Lina and K having their lunch upstairs and looking down on the judging - trying to spot what we had won!

At last we were allowed back into the hall. K's 2 miniature flower arrangements won 1st and 2nd prize! Jim's vegetables did incredibly well as did his jam, also winning a 1st and 2nd. Here is a basket of veg that won first:

I did well in the photographs, coming 3rd overall in the amateur section, which gained me a prize of 2 gold photo frames. I was very pleased with that result.

Just a flavour of the show. Jim took the photo above. Can you see the lady in the blue dress and splendid hat?

The photos are taking a silly time to load, so I will come back and finish tomorrow. Happy Weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hi and welcome back! How nice to see your family. (and Buster, of course!) Wonderful about you all doing so well with the floral arrangements, vegetables and photos! Have a great weekend.

DK Leather said...

it was a truly lovely visit mum, all of us had a super time :D Love you momma xxx

Leatherdykeuk said...

Congratulations on the wins!

Jason said...

Looks a great show. Well done on the photography, and everyone with their prizes! x

Heather said...

Lovely post Gina and great photos. The stag shot is great - he is a very handsome feller and Buster always makes a good pic. That caterpillar enlarged looks like an alien! Gort Show sounds lots of fun - congratulations to all of you on your winning entries and hard work.

BT said...

Hello Mildred, thank you - we were pleased with our efforts.

Hi K, I'm so glad you enjoyed yourselves - we had a great time too!

Thank you Rachel, didn't we do well?

Hi Jason. It was very successful overall, the entries were up too, which is good.

Thank you Heather, I knew you'd like the Buster shot!! How weird is that caterpillar? I know what you mean about looking like an alien!! We had such fun at the show too. xxxxx

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I know you enjoyed your family visit. It is great seeing a part of it.Congrats to Jim. A beautiful presentation of his veggies.

HelenMHunt said...

Beautiful family photos. Glad you all had such a lovely time.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely to catch up on what has been happening over there Gina. If you want to know about those hairy caterpillars, send a photo to Donegal Wildlife (Stuart Dunlop) - he is on my blog list and he is very knowledgeable on such things. I'm sure he'll be delighted to hear from you.

BT said...

Thank you Lisa. Jim did so well.

Thanks Helen, it was a good day.

Hello Weaver, thanks for the info, I will send a picture. Good to hear from you.

Stuart said...

Hi BT....your caterpillar is the Buff Tip moth ....a wonderful beast that looks like a twig

All the best.